1st and 2nd of May

Posted: 9 May 2021 by Robbie

Bruce Mansion

Bruce Mansion

Had a weekend off last week (and one this coming up week). Got terribly bored of watching baseball and did some driving in the Northern part of my home county: Macomb. For the first time, I saw Blake’s Orchard. Blake’s makes there own hard cider and it is sold in some of the bars in Detroit. On Election Day of last year, The Libertarian Party Macomb County had an event there. I was looking to go but couldn’t get the day off. I kept travelling north on Capac Road, which lead me to different roads and had some intention to visit the city of Yale (not the college). But I decided on Brown City first. On my way to Brown City, I remembered Bruce Mansion, one of the most haunted places in the state.

I stopped in the city to find the exact location of Bruce Mansion, which was 6 miles west of the downtown part. I was also on the corner of Maple Valley Road and Main St (Michigan Highway 90). That mention got me confused with the 1968 song Harper Valley PTA.


I though Bruce Mansion would be out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and dirt roads. Turns out it’s located on a busy intersection of Van Dyke Road (Michigan Highway 53) and Burnside Road (Michigan Highway 90). On Facebook, Bruce Mansion is listed in Brown City. But really, the Mansion is based in Burnside Township. I suppose the folks at Facebook are a little lazy to update the info? Personally, I try to stay off of Facebook, but it’s good tool to keep an eye on the family and upcoming local events.

Sadly, nobody is allowed in Bruce Mansion as of 2019. There are quite a few sings on the house emphasizing no trespassing. They also have alarms on the front door. I find it also interesting that the mansion is next door to two gas stations in the corner. As said earlier, I thought this mansion was somewhere in the boons, but it’s in a somewhat busy area.

2nd of May: Psychic Fair

I went to a small psychic fair in Warren. The hall wasn’t so large but had quite a few psychics around. It was also somewhat crowded, I had made a few circles around the ‘psychic square’ to find an available psychic with the abilities of doing Tarot Cards. This is my 2nd Tarot card reading, my first in 2014. Just before his death, my late grandfather told me his deal with psychics. He said demons tell these psychics the info and they are usually 25% right. My non-religious self does believe in supernatural powers. Where they come from, not exactly sure.

What turned me to Tarot Cards is the late Neil Peart going to a Tarot Card during his dark times in the late 90s. For those who don’t know, Neil Peart (Rush’s drummer) had lost his then only daughter in 1997, and his then wife the following year. Peart when on a motorcycle trip around Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico. One of the places he stopped at was in Hollywood. He visited a street corner tarot reader and found it helpful.

The Tarot Card person I went to was a male younger than me. The psychic knew that I was looking into other ideas in my life and I’m running away from something I tried for years that didn’t work. I’m on a good path but something comes and troubles me from time to time. Well, the first part, I don’t take my creative life seriously these days. I wrote five books and that didn’t work. I made EAS/News Scenarios on YouTube, sadly, that didn’t work so well. And with the second mention of my troubles, I have ADHD. I suppose he knew somewhat of my troubles in my previous post.

Upcoming Events

Got my foot in the door to see Genesis at Little Caesars Arena on 29 Nov 2021. I’m happy about that! I went through TicketMaster’s verified fan process and attempted to get a seat in the lower sections. Sadly, I had to buy two tickets. I had to settle for the upper section, just like I did when I saw Genesis in 2007 at the now defunct Palace Of Auburn Hills.

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