Tin Foil Hat Thought

Posted: 6 February 2022 by Robbie

Long time, no see? Been quite busy with work and also a few not-so-good things happened to me. I got drained in the creative category and updating this blog or doing electronica music wasn’t a priority. Apologies for the very few fans of this blog, but no one is paying for it but me. A […]

Two Wrongs I Admit To

Posted: 25 April 2021 by Robbie

Getting a Vaccine At the end of 2020, I was guessing that I will not be eligible for a vaccine until August. Then on February, I did say I probably won’t get a vaccine until Late Spring (Mid-May at the latest). Then went back on the August guess in March. I got my Mordena shot […]

News, Weather and Entertainment I

Posted: 21 February 2020 by Robbie

Since being creative isn’t my obsessive top priority anymore, I have been looking for ways to pass the time by. Yes, I do plan on writing more novels and I need to get The Gambler Volume One possibly on BookBub. For those of you who don’t know, I briefly had a site called Hwy29.net were […]

Rochester Xmas Parade

Posted: 21 December 2019 by Robbie

  For those familiar with the WishesNetwork channel (on its way to being deleted off of YouTube), some would know I live in the Greater Detroit area, particularly in Macomb County. Outside of Macomb, there are two cities, Rochester Hills and Rochester. Rochester has a thriving downtown area with many shops, bars, and also trails. […]

Peloton Bike Commerical

Posted: 11 December 2019 by Robbie

From National Review Well, for our third post on this amazing blog, I was intending to talk about my time at the Rochester Christmas parade, but I’ll push that for another time. I also didn’t take any photos they’re so I’ll have to borrow a few. I think most people in the United States know […]

For the WishesNetwork fans!

Posted: 2 December 2019 by Robbie

On 24 November 2019, I had uploaded a video of my ugly-self telling any interested fans out there that my next to EAS scenarios will likely be my last two. With YouTube’s new TOS and also the threat of knocking down channels that aren’t “commercially valuable,” it is quite likely that my channel is on […]

Short Welcome

Posted: 25 November 2019 by Robbie

This is a short welcome message for my nice little blog here. Today is the 24th of November and this blog was created due to my lack of creativity and also I got to take a good look at the new YouTube policy. After saying my fifth novel will be my last, the only creative […]