Opinion: Extending Bar/Restaurant Restrictions

Posted: 21 February 2021 by Robbie

Note: This article was written on 21 February 2021. During this time, we are/were dealing with a pandemic. These past two weekends, I have been out and about to bars and restaurants. As of this time, all bars and restaurants are limited to a 25% capacity. Sadly, quite a few bars have been caught not […]

Supernatural Threat I & II: Behind The Scenes

Posted: 15 February 2021 by Robbie

Warning: This post contains spoliers While doing my EAS Scenarios, I had thoughts of one involving the Supernatural. My secular-self does have some belief in ghosts and other paranormal activities. Where it comes from? I’m not exactly sure! I had a cousin of mine told me back some years ago that “all the good ghosts […]

The Pinball Wizard / FPHL Madness

Posted: 6 February 2021 by Robbie

Finally, we can have some fun. It’s been slow at both of my jobs and therefore I had a Friday off (sans a couple of hours at my second job). I happen to be near Free Play Pinball Arcade in Fraser, MI. Heard a few good things about this place so I decided to stop […]