Posted: 12 March 2024 by Robbie

This will be a few paragraphs long. I’m not doing anything special or noteworthy in recent times. Minus my stomach cramps two weeks ago, I have been doing things not worth mentioning on this blog, just private events and playing video games. I don’t think people want to hear or read about my video game […]

Stomach Agony and A Lot More

Posted: 27 February 2024 by Robbie

No, that person in the photo is not me, but I was in that position. I have been dealing with stomach cramps on and off for the past two weeks. Some are minor, some are major. Some lead to me sitting on the toilet trying to shit and something comes out. Other times, nothing comes […]

The Songs I Discovered in 2023

Posted: 28 December 2023 by Robbie

I did a three-parter with the songs I discovered in 2022 with a paragraph or two written for each song. This time around, I won’t be doing that. It took too long and me describing a song to people who perhaps haven’t heard the song was a painful experience. I have joked (outside of this […]

Playing Poker At The End Of The World

Posted: 27 October 2023 by Robbie

This is going to be a few or more paragraphs long and it’s going to be from the top of my head. With creativity, I’m still working on my upcoming soon-to-be sixth book. That has been my primary focus. I’ve also been busy promoting my third and fourth books on Twitter or X quite a […]

Where’s My Unhappy Meal?

Posted: 20 September 2023 by Robbie

TL;DR: I had shingles. Looking to write another novel. Troubles at my so-called professional life. Lost a friend. Went to a Pow Wow. Enjoy my title for this thrilling blog post? Yes, it’s not positive but as I say in recent times when dealing with troubling times, “things will improve.” When doing my EAS flick […]

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