Uvalde, Texas

Posted: 26 May 2022 by Robbie

I don’t have a lot to say about this situation, but I felt I needed to address it. I do feel sorry for those folks in Uvalde, Texas. However, nothing is going to be done anytime soon to fix it. We do have some folks in power who don’t want to change face due to […]

Another Post Untitled

Posted: 25 May 2022 by Robbie

Sadly, there has been another death within my social circle. The same Saturday night I went to that concert, I had a friend pass away due to a motorcycle accident. I did not get that info until that next Monday morning. His name was Bobby Black, he was a local musician and I’ve seen him […]

A Post Untitled

Posted: 15 May 2022 by Robbie

This will be a quickie. This posting is on 15 May 2022. The day prior, 14 May 2022, I went to a concert at the Token Lounge. I took some photos and had intended to start the blog post about that concert when I got home. First, I went to Facebook (I don’t have FB […]

Roe vs. Wade

Posted: 8 May 2022 by Robbie

Late last week, there was some leak that SCOTUS would possibly turn on Roe Vs. Wade. That got quite a few people upset and protests are going down. I couldn’t agree more with the protests, I’m one of the many who think Roe Vs. Wade shouldn’t be put to bed.

Motor City Rockers!

Posted: 30 April 2022 by Robbie

According to another local free magazine, the Metro Times, The Rockers fell into new ownership and they seem to be solid on the idea of participating in the 2022-23 season.

Russia/Ukraine Situation

Posted: 25 February 2022 by Robbie

I suppose you don’t need a smartass blogger like myself to tell you that we are dealing with a historic moment. As of 25 Feb 2022, we are seeing Russia invade Ukraine. There were quite a few things I didn’t know and seeing Russia run with the invasion was surprising to me. However, I suppose […]

Jenna Ryan is Out

Posted: 22 February 2022 by Robbie

Yes, there are so much troubling things going on in this country like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Climate Change, rising home prices (trust me, I don’t like that either) and more things you can think of. However, seeing that Jenna Ryan is out of prison and going bat shit crazy on the Twitter machine […]

RIP Bob Saget

Posted: 11 January 2022 by Robbie

This is going to be a short one and I’m a little late for the party. Bob Saget sadly passed away on Sunday 9 Jan 2022. Not a good way to start this year, oy! I do remember him from Full House, America’s Funniest Videos, and of course for his cameo appearance on Half-Baked. I […]

Oxford School Shooting

Posted: 30 November 2021 by Robbie

I live about 25 miles southeast of Oxford, give-or-take. It’s quite sad to see a school shooting happen again and this one is a little too close to home. I did watch some of the local news about this, something I rarely do. In Detroit, we have the all-news AM station WWJ, in which the […]

Jenna Ryan Ain’t Special

Posted: 10 November 2021 by Robbie

My initial thought that it’ll be a 50/50 chance of her seeing any jail time. Say if there was a big riot at a local or state government building that she was involved with, I’d say it’ll be a 25% chance or less that she would be going to jail.

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