News, Weather and Entertainment Part 7 or 8

Posted: 20 June 2021 by Robbie

Here’s another “where I’m at” post and what I’ll be doing in the future creative wise and this blog. To pick up from my last post, on Monday 14 June 2021, I had an existential crisis of sorts. It happened at nighttime and to the next morning. I was really questioning my ‘foundation’ of life. […]

First Professional Baseball Game In a While

Posted: 15 June 2021 by Robbie

For those who don’t know and are visiting this site living outside of Detroit, we have our own baseball league called the USPBL. Or United Shore Professional Baseball League. A stadium was built and finished at 2016. It started with three teams and later a fourth team was added. I’m personally a fan of the […]

Canterbury Village and Orion Oaks Park

Posted: 6 June 2021 by Robbie

One of the first places opening up in Michigan is Canterbury Village in Lake Orion. I haven’t been there since I was 6 or 7, so after 30-plus years I thought, why not? Canterbury Village wasn’t someplace I could stay for a while in the end. They didn’t have a special event besides the markets. […]