Enuff Z’Nuff at Diesel – Nov 2021

Posted: 27 November 2021 by Robbie

Enuff Z’Nuff came back to the Diesel on Black Friday and it was quite a show. They began the show with a cover of Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles.

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2021 Pictures

Posted: 8 September 2021 by Robbie

I’m busy as hell right now so these two paragraphs will be short and simple. I went to the Michigan Renfest this year labor Day Sunday. I went with friends and friend of friends, much opposed to solo. Done that in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and even 2004. I still have my 2004 pics of […]

Seeing Stone Temple Pilots and The Guess Who

Posted: 5 September 2021 by Robbie

Stone Temple Pilots was my favorite band for a few years in the 1990s. I discovered them in the summer of 1993 while seeing the music video for Plush.

Astronomicon 4

Posted: 26 August 2021 by Robbie

With Covid-19 causing us some serious changes and troubles with our very lives, we had Astronomicon moved to August. Sadly, it wasn’t in Sterling Heights as the previous one was at. This time, I had to travel over an hour to Ann Arbor to get there. This is mainly due to the previous hotel in […]

Going to the Tiger Game

Posted: 15 August 2021 by Robbie

This will be a short post. I haven’t been to a Tigers game so far in 2021, despite my two weeks off in July. I had some intentions to go to the Tigers game where they beat the Rangers 14-0, however, I ran into a crisis prior to me buying my ticket online. This was […]

Detroit City FC and Square Pegz

Posted: 22 July 2021 by Robbie

This is going to be more of a photo post with less words. On Wednesday 14 July 2021, I went to see Detroit City FC at Keyworth Stadium. This is the first time I’ve been there in three years. My last time, me and a family member went and I got to say, The Northern […]

A Day Trip to the Thumb

Posted: 16 July 2021 by Robbie

I went to Frankenmuth next (home of the band Greta Van Fleet), with some spotty rain showers on the way there and while I was present in town. While there, I had a drink at Zehnder’s restaurant.

Enuff Z’Nuff & Faster Pussycat

Posted: 5 July 2021 by Robbie

This was my first concert since October 2019 and my first since I started this blog. One can thank Covid-19 for that! Plus, both bands listed played at the Diesel Concert Lounge in Chesterfield, it’s the first time I’ve been there. The Diesel is one of four places in one place. They also have a […]

First Professional Baseball Game In a While

Posted: 15 June 2021 by Robbie

For those who don’t know and are visiting this site living outside of Detroit, we have our own baseball league called the USPBL. Or United Shore Professional Baseball League. A stadium was built and finished at 2016. It started with three teams and later a fourth team was added. I’m personally a fan of the […]

Canterbury Village and Orion Oaks Park

Posted: 6 June 2021 by Robbie

One of the first places opening up in Michigan is Canterbury Village in Lake Orion. I haven’t been there since I was 6 or 7, so after 30-plus years I thought, why not? Canterbury Village wasn’t someplace I could stay for a while in the end. They didn’t have a special event besides the markets. […]

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