About Me

Me at a Tiger Game in 2018

Not my best pic, but why not.

My name is Robbie Thomas, I was born in 1982. My interests include 80s Music, Baseball Management, World History, Writing (burning out), Local Events, Web Development, Microsoft Excel and anything else I cannot think of.

This website was launched in November 2019 as something I can make behind a paywall. With Facebook and Twitter putting out some censors and pushing more standards, I decided to make my own blog. I intended this as my events deal, where I go to local events, festivals, ball games and blog about them with pictures. Also, since I suffer from ADHD, and this site will discuss that very topic.

With my creative life, I wrote four books and number five as of Dec 2020 is on hold. I have made an RPG game in 2000 and did have a few sites and blogs. My time with Web Development and Article Writing had burned me out good, plus with article writing, I saw very few pennies coming my way. Perhaps I’m not so good at it… I from 2017-2019 and a couple in 2020, I got into the EAS Scenario making on YouTube, you can find it here at WishesNetwork. I also did Electronica music from 2002-2011.

In the political spectrum, I’m a Libertarian. I supported Jo Jorgensen in the 2020 Presidential Election, Gary Johnson in the 2016 Election. And with Michigan in 2018, I voted for Bill Geilneau for Governor (he didn’t win).

When Covid-19 came to town in March 2020, going to concerts, local events and festivals were put on hold and as of Dec 2020, that is still on hold in Michigan. We are under some strict restrictions. For now, been spending some time playing with my Nintendo Switch (a little too much), keeping an eye on my investments and reading. With my creative life, been a little too burned out.

Plus, when life goes back to some kind of normal, expect me to be out and about.

Otherwise, yes, Louis CK done f–ked up in recent times, but I have to add this to explain my life. Only, it is about 25-30 percent:

If you don’t see the quote, here it is:

“Have you ever done something, or lived a moment, that you afterwards said, ‘Yeah, I don’t think I’m telling anyone about that.’ I would say 40 percent of my life is made up with moments like that.”

Louis CK