As Yet Untitled

Posted: 28 October 2020 by Robbie

My previous post, it was quite obvious that I was very angry. I suppose I run into moments where I just want to get on through with it without any troubles but while I deal with the wait, I anticipate that the problems will be worse when it’s all said and done. Sometimes it does, […]

Burning Down The House

Posted: 23 October 2020 by Robbie

For those few folks who have seen the website at the last week, there was a different theme/look to it. This was a WordPress theme I made in early 2019, for some reason, it’s not working well in October 2020, and therefore I came back to this original one (Silver Quantum). There was a time […]

The Michigan Kidnapping Plot

Posted: 11 October 2020 by Robbie

First of all, I wanted to say RIP Eddie Van Halen. I’m a fan of Van Halen and I like the songs, Jump, Poundcake, I’ll Wait, Right Now and Me Wise Magic. We may never see someone like Eddie Van Halen ever again, that’s bad. RIP Eddie 1955-2020. I’m fully aware of the attempted kidnapping […]

Not So Easy Peasy…

Posted: 4 October 2020 by Robbie

This week in America, (28 Sep – 3 Oct 2020) has been quite interesting. We had a silly debate, the president and quite a few of his staffers got the Covid-19 and also I see that I’ve paid more taxes than him in 2016 and 2017 according to a report from the New York Times. […]