Can’t Make You Happy Song (Why won’t you buy a house?)

Posted: 5 May 2024 by Robbie

2022 was one of the worst years of my life. I have said that in a previous post and I’ll say it again on this trip to recent memory lane. A way to respond to it was a Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile song called Can’t Make You Happy. I did some of the instrumentation […]

Jar of Flies – 30th Anniversary

Posted: 27 January 2024 by Robbie

It was late 1993 when I watched MTV one weekend, I was in the 5th grade at 11. I think it was The Headbangers Ball I was watching when the VJ did a music break to tell the viewers the news of what the bands were doing. And the VJ said that Alice In Chains […]

The Write Stuff

Posted: 15 August 2023 by Robbie

In 2012, I was working on my fourth book called The Gambler Volume One. I would later finish it in early 2013 and publish it on Blogger. I would later move it to a previous website I had called Highway 29, but later moved it again to WattPad. Be sure to stop by and read […]

RIP Jim Price

Posted: 9 August 2023 by Robbie

Sadly, we say goodbye to Jim Price. When it came to the Tigers, I would listen to the Tigers while on the job and rarely saw the games itself. The only times I would see the games on TV was when I briefly had cable TV from 2014-15, or otherwise a night at the bar. […]

I went to Cranbrook

Posted: 30 June 2023 by Robbie

I went to both the Cranbrook Science Museum and also the Art Museum. I have been to the Cranbrook Science Museum a little south of 10 times in my life. Cranbrook was a place I would go to on school field trips back when I was a Special-Ed kid to even one time while I […]

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