2 March 2014

Posted: 2 March 2021 by Robbie

Sadly, this is the seven-year anniversary of the death of my uncle John Thomas (aka Johnny Awesome). I remember that day from pretty much start to finish. I awoke to see that it was cold outside (about 5 degrees F) and I was pissed off about another cold Sunday morning. I did eventually go outside to take some photos of the snow on the nearby trees by my then home.

I was later invited to my cousin’s house for dinner and we talked a little. Got to see her triplet kids who were about 7 months old at the time. I kind of wish I hung around that house that day, they said I could stay, but I decided to go home. I also had a Craiglist ad out for me helping out on the weekends for tech projects, and I got a text from a scammer. Upon my leaving, I heard my Uncle Johnny went to the hospital for something that was considered not so serious.

I stayed at my apartment and watched some TV. I had cable at the time and was flipping channels. I turned the phone volume down because I might get a call from a boss at my job to come in for 4 hours (10p-2a) and I didn’t want that. My channel flipping stumbled upon the Tonya Harding story with no desire to watch the Oscars. I was laughing my ass off at this documentary and felt the nostalgia of 1994. After the documentary was done, I took a look at my phone at around 11:55p, seeing that my mom called at 11:45p. I called back and heard the unpleasant news that my Uncle Johnny passed away.

That went from laughing my ass off to great sadness.

I didn’t go to sleep that night, laid in bed crying, and felt terrible. I was in “search for answers” and I watched the Deadliest Catch. I was going through the episodes revolving around the death of Capt. Phil Harris. Why I watched these episodes? I guess I was looking for some answers. What was also on my mind was the story of the late Neil Peart on how he dealt with the news of his first and then-only daughter dying from a motorcycle accident. The day went on with me visiting the family and making the plans on that cold bitter day (-5 degrees).

The visitation was on that Friday (a warm 50-degree day) and I got to see most of my family during this sad time. Saturday morning was the funeral and we all went to a hall to have lunch. After that was over, for some reason, I was telling myself to get home. Why? I don’t really know. I did say goodbye to my family and didn’t ask about anything that was going on after the luncheon. I walked to my car and drove home. I was driving rather fast on the highway and even on some of the residential roads in a rush to get home.

The apartment complex I was living in at the time had carports, with a rail in between two parking spots. During my rush to get home, my parking attempt led me to smack the drivers’ side front into the pole and destroying my headlight good. Upon doing so, I said to myself out loud, “What in the fuck did I just do?” A neighbor exiting out of the door heard the sound and looked over to my epic fail. I parked the car and shut off the engine as me and he looked at what the fuck I just did. His comments were about me doing something rather foolish and I agreed with him.

For me:

Perhaps it would’ve been better if that was Bill Duke himself, exiting out of the apartment building and telling me that.

I sat at home watching random shows on TV with my thoughts at 66/34. 34% of me thinking about family gatherings that included my Uncle Johnny. He was the loud one sitting at the family table with great stories and good laughs. Hence the name Johnny Awesome! 66% was me beating myself up for my mistake. I suppose I can say it’s my ADHD and/or OCD (more of the latter) for my troubling mind.

As I’m finishing this post, I find myself wondering the fuck why I was so much in a hurry to get home. I wish I asked my family if there were plans after the luncheon and can I join.

Another bad decision! I made quite a lot and I’ll be making quite a lot more before I go bye-bye. Believe me!

RIP John Thomas (AKA Johnny Awesome) / 15 Nov 1962 – 2 Mar 2014

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