Supernatural Threat I & II: Behind The Scenes

Posted: 15 February 2021 by Robbie

Photo by Ramy Kalaban

Warning: This post contains spoliers

While doing my EAS Scenarios, I had thoughts of one involving the Supernatural. My secular-self does have some belief in ghosts and other paranormal activities. Where it comes from? I’m not exactly sure! I had a cousin of mine told me back some years ago that “all the good ghosts are from Heaven and all the bad ghosts are from Hell.” Not sure if I agree with that now. The afterlife is a big guess for me. In my sophomore year of High School, I did have a Chemistry teacher who was a Jesus Freak. This was back in 1998-99 where one could be a little open with the religion without consequence. I and a friend were talking about our own beliefs and he said he believed that everybody goes to hell. I and he were in the same class the next hour, and we kept talking. Again he said, “I just think everybody goes to hell.”

Supernatural Threat begins in of all places, Gary, Indiana. A demon comes out of a haunted house. Met with a gang of four shooting the demon to death, surrounding the corpse with disbelief. Then things just go out of hand right after that.


  • Gary, Indiana – A monster escapes out of a house, met with bullets from the guns of a gang. Apparently, there has been a haunted house in Gary, Indiana.
  • Leonard, Michigan – A small town in Northern Oakland County with about 400 people. The current village president is Michael McDonald. Didn’t know the singer was also the mayor of some small town in Mich, Heh-heh!
  • Liberty County, Florida – Couldn’t resist involving Florida in this one. Liberty County is the least populated county in the state. The madness happens at a fictional hospital called Gatorville. The female voice I sued for that dialogue didn’t say it correctly. The demons somehow make phone calls to a few of the residents.
  • Amityville, New York – A portal opens at the Amityville Horror home, and out comes the Cacodemons from Doom. Oy!!
  • Swindleburg Heights, Ohio – This is a fictional town. This town sees the worst of the supernatural tragedy where nearly 300 people die. The demons also take over a religious radio station.
  • Central Pennsylvania – Demons from Hell come out of the burning coal mines under Centraila at first. The demons head west to other towns such as Aristes, Shamokin, Mount Carmel, and others.
  • Suburban Philadelphia – Somebody captures a demon and brings it to his workplace.
  • Macomb County, MI – Sterling Heights/Shelby Township border. Demons come out of a portal created by the Golden Halo of Macomb County. Rod Cambridge has a problem calling it the “Golden Butthole.”
  • Southfield, MI – Red Pole Park has troubles with a dark cloud hovering over the area.
  • Detroit, MI – After it’s all said and done, Rod and his biker friends talk about it while drinking and smoking pot.

The Comedy Effect

No good WishesNetwork EAS Scenario (and bad ones) comes with the jokes! While demons are entering the country, it falls second place in the news due to Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement that she will go back to being a female. Rod Cambridge openly states this news is BS and sees a day suspension. When the demons enter Leonard, Mich, the operator at Macomb County TV wonders if the County spy farted. Folks in Northern Florida are watching a paid program about Erectile Dysfunction when the EAS warns of a supernatural threat.

Willie Barnman tells of Rod’s suspension while alerting WRQ listeners of the Amityville situation. Religious station WSOL 1130 gets taken over by demons. After the Amityville house explosion and the Swindleburg troubles, Rod is asked to do the night shift at WRQ. Only Rod shows up drunk and stoned. He swears on the air when referring to the Cacodemons from Doom, luckily a producer presses the bleep just in time. Breaking News about Rev. Paul Haney getting caught with hookers makes Rod giggle. He forgets to say: “Breaking News coming into the WRQ Newsroom.”

Later, Josh Skillington blames the Democrats for the problem while drinking heavily. I played Josh and I was drinking Redd’s Apple Ale. During the heavy emergency in central PA, a man captures a demon. He later attempts to sic the demon on his ex-wife. During this time, the operator at Macomb County TV calls out the county spy for a fight. A few days later, Paul Haney takes to the airwaves and gets prank called many times.

Shortly before the demons come to Metro Detroit, Rod Cambridge reports on a fight between two ‘law enforcement professionals’ at a Macomb County library. While so, Macomb County TV displays a message playing the victim due to his loss. Next, a vortex shows up within the circle of the Golden Butthole of Macomb County where demons show up. It later gets destroyed by the Air Force and the FBI. Just before midnight, Rod and his biker pals talk about the week events and parts of Rod’s past.

The Golden Halo of Macomb County

Yes, that is real.

The Golden Halo in Macomb County is a part of a big shopping center on one of Macomb County’s main roads, Michigan Highway 59 or M59 or Hall Road. It cost about $333,000 to build. There were protests around that halo last year (2020) sometime after Covid-19 came to town.

In The End of it All & The Reason Why It Ended…

Supernatural Threat II was supposed to be my last EAS. That’s why I gave it that ending where Rod and his friends are bullshitting while smoking pot. But when Covid-19 came to town, I spit out two more with a third being scripted. When I saw riots, wildfires, and a pandemic all at the same time, I put the whole thing on pause. Then, the Capitol Riot happening caused me to quit altogether. Not only the incident was a troubling time for us, but it was also silly as shit. I have to say that incident was more WishesNetwork than WishesNetwork. You want another EAS Scenario? Watch any coverage of that and get Rod’s voice to explain the events.

From The Independent

With EAS Scenarios and going any further, I’m open to the idea of contributing to another’s EAS scenario. I had a couple of people ask me permission to use Rod Cambridge for their scenarios, asking me for copyright info. Rod is not copyrighted. I cannot stop someone from using Rod’s voice or making Macomb County TV. The only two creative projects I’m doing are this blog and a techno album. When it comes to Covid-19 and how my home state of Michigan is handling it, I think we will see more openings this year. I’m not going to spend the nice spring and summer months inside the house working on a 45-minute EAS/News scenario that will take two years to get 1,000 views. I guess I’m not so popular. I want to enjoy the warm weather and the free time outdoors.

Don’t get it wrong, if someone wants to pay me to make EAS scenarios, I got the time!

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