Opinion: Extending Bar/Restaurant Restrictions

Posted: 21 February 2021 by Robbie

Grand Haven Park / 3 July 2013

Note: This article was written on 21 February 2021. During this time, we are/were dealing with a pandemic.

These past two weekends, I have been out and about to bars and restaurants. As of this time, all bars and restaurants are limited to a 25% capacity. Sadly, quite a few bars have been caught not complying with the current standard and had lost their liquor license. I had been to a bar last weekend that wasn’t pushing many restrictions. Quite a few folks were walking around the bar and not wearing masks. I chose to wear mine sans me sitting at my table and drinking my beer. In this bar, there was a band playing and social distance between the players of that band.

I was excited about this because this was the first time I’ve seen a bar band play in about a year. It was like discovering something new and worthwhile! Again, was this bar complying with the standards the state is pushing? Not really. But I didn’t give a rat ass. Again, I wore my mask through my duration there minus me sitting at my table.

I knew a few folks there I haven’t seen face-to-face for a while. I talked to them while wearing my mask and spoke as clearly as possible. Since I was a virtual unknown to most people (Not saying I’m a somebody, I’m a nobody), I didn’t talk to anyone else really besides staff. Am I afraid of getting Covid-19? Yes, I rather not get it and I do fear that I may get long-haul Covid-19. But sitting in the condo playing the Nintendo Switch loses its fun after a while. When I have weekends off and the weather is nice or tolerable, you’ll likely see me out.

Me, prior to going to a Port Huron Prowlers game on 18 Jan 2020

Recently, the bar/restaurant restrictions were quietly extended. Governer Whitmer didn’t mention it in that address to the state. I went to a bar in St. Clair County. When entering, I did notice that the place had more people than the 25% the state tells them to. Again, I didn’t say to the staff, “Hey, you guys have this place more than 25% filled, you can’t do that!” I asked, “Got any seats available at the bar?” Luckily, there was one.

After leaving St. Clair County, I went to Downtown Rochester and to Kruse’s Paint Creek Tavern. It was formerly just The Paint Creek Tavern but it would appear that Kruse & Muer bought it. One can say that this bar was complying due to it being corporate-owned, the bar I went to in St. Clair was independent. I saw that a few St. Clair County homes had a few Trump signs up when I was driving on M-29. I had some chicken strips and some hard cider while watching the Red Wings game and noticed there were a few people occupying seats in Little Caesars Arena. I and a friend were talking about the possibility of people attending sports games in the state.

Before I saw the Red Wings game, I would guess that only a select few would be able to attend games. And when I said select few, I meant 30 people or less. It appeared there were more people than 30 at that game. I’m not so sure on how the state is handling major sports such as the Red Wings, Tigers, and Pistons but I’d imagine they and Governer Whitmer want the restrictions. They recently allowed high school sports to continue.

I’d imagine by the time baseball starts in April, my best guess is that Governor Whitmer will push some strict restrictions. However, the big wigs in sports such as Chris Ilitch, owner of the Detroit Tigers, will push for more people to attend games. I’m not saying they will fill the place up to capacity without following CDC guidelines. But, with a scenario here, I’d imagine Governor Whitmer and/or the state saying only 500 people and Mr. Ilitch pushing for 2,500 people. What I said is a scenario, but I’m guessing the state will allow a low number of attendance per game and upper-management folks who run the Tigers and have the cash will push for a higher number and eventually, the sports big wigs will win in the end. That’s my prediction.

Back to that Red Wings game, I looked into any future seats available for those home games with doubt. And I was right! If I want to get a seat, I have to get them through Vividseats.com. Something tells there’s some BS attached to that. I’m guessing it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to see a Tigers game this year, keyword: Unlikely. At best, I’ll probably get my foot in the door with a USPBL game and a Regulars BBC game in Clinton Township.

Going to vaccines, the state is going by County. In Macomb County, I’m going to be waiting for a vaccine until at least late spring. I’m turning 39 next month so I’ll be one of the last to get it if I do so. I’m leaning towards getting it, I’m just worried about the shot fucking me up sideways. Flu shots fuck me up sideways.

I’m not one of those folks who believe once we get the shot, the liquid is somehow a tracking device for the government to track us down. I’m worried about the side effects and how long they will be. As I said, I’ll be getting mine in late spring AT THE EARLIEST. I wouldn’t be surprised if a delay happens. I’m expecting a delay or two with me getting it. I suppose it gives me a lot of time to see the side effect statistics of these vaccinations.

Good luck to all those in Texas now.

RIP Sugar Bee

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