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Posted: 6 February 2022 by Robbie

Long time, no see? Been quite busy with work and also a few not-so-good things happened to me. I got drained in the creative category and updating this blog or doing electronica music wasn’t a priority. Apologies for the very few fans of this blog, but no one is paying for it but me. A stroke of luck happened, I won Red Wings Tickets via a raffle at my job. That is the first time I’ve won a raffle with over 200 people participating in it in my nearly 40 years of existence (I turn 40 next month). Sadly, the raffle was to raise money for an employee in his 40s who died from Covid-19.

That is one of three people that I know of that died from Covid-19 and second at my job. Ironically and sadly, all three deaths were within a range of five days. The other Covid-19 death was my best friend’s Aunt, she went to the hospital for a fall and sadly got Covid while there. One place I’m doing my very best to avoid is the hospital. And as of writing this article, the United States had gone past 900,000 Covid-19 deaths.

One of the stats of Covid-19 I keep an eye on from time to time is the cases and deaths in comparison of Democrats and Republicans. I have seen charts and graphs showing the big gap between vaccinations between both parties. And the data suggests that the Republicans are not so keen on getting vaccinated. I do know a few people who support or take a liking to Trump that refuse to get vaccinated. I do know one who does like Trump but decided to get the vaccine for his own personal reasons.

From FiveThirtyEight

Personally, I’m a Libertarian if you have read previous posts. I received the first vaccine shot in April, and the next in May. I wanted both vaccines so I can go out and about with fewer chances of me getting Covid-19. The high desire of going to sports games, concerts, and the Michigan Renaissance Festival again was high and I wanted it without a problem with Covid-19. I got mental health problems, I don’t need physical health troubles as well.

Going back to 2020, my home state of Michigan went through very strict lockdowns enforced by our Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In late January of 2021, she loosen the lockdowns. I wasn’t a fan of her very strict lockdowns which also at one point included the ban of sales of non-essential items. As far as I’m aware, no states have any lockdowns of sorts. if any, some places and concert venues do have the vaccination card and mask policy. This includes the Royal Oak Music Theatre where I saw Jim Norton on 11 Sep 2021.

I’m not a big fan of the policy but complied with that just once to see Mr. Norton. Besides that, I’m not looking to go to that venue unless Jim Jeffries shows up or any event that is worth my while. I’m also interested in seeing Kraftwerk this year when they come to town and if the venue or Kraftwerk themselves demand the vaccination card and mask, I’ll comply. This will be the first and likely the last time I will see them.

Now, I’m done with what I’m doing and will go to my Tin Foil hat thought. It is of my opinion that the Democratic Party wants more people on the other side to die from Covid-19. Yes, that is harsh but I think that is what they want. As said earlier and with the picture I posted here, the folks who are anti-vaccine are on the side of Trump and other GOP allies. The more of them who die, the better chances for the Democrats this election year and also in 2024. Will it work for them? Perhaps. I just find it a little odd that Michigan’s Governor hasn’t imposed any lockdowns since Jan 2021 or even really tried. It is also of my opinion that her base, the Democratic Party, does not want her to have lockdowns due to that statistic.

Again, these are my opinions and I could be wrong. But it only seems to me this is what the Democratic Party wants and this benefits them.

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