Roe vs. Wade

Posted: 8 May 2022 by Robbie

Planned Parenthood at Royal Oak Sep 2012. Photo by Me.

Late last week, there was some leak that SCOTUS would possibly turn on Roe Vs. Wade. That got quite a few people upset and protests are going down. I couldn’t agree more with the protests, I’m one of the many who think Roe Vs. Wade shouldn’t be put to bed. I also saw a video of Elizabeth Warren in front of the Supreme Court leading some of those protests and going a bit bat shit insane about the topic. Me and Mrs. Warren are in the same boat. But I wonder if it cost the taxpayers to get her down there. Or did she take a private plane? And for those who are thinking I hate Democrats, I say it again, I’m a Libertarian. Both sides suck! But, with the Democrats, I take their side on this one.

I ran into an article on MLive about what the Michigan Government would do. Two years back, I stated that Whitmer’s Covid lockdowns were draconian and I would consider voting Republican in the 2022 Election to go against her. Whitmer is pro-choice and tried to sue the Michigan Supreme Court to keep Abortion legal in the state. I’m rooting for her on this one. However, the majority of representatives and state Supreme Court folks are Republican. That could be a problem down the road.

Michigan’s AG, Dana Nessel says she won’t enforce the laws if Roe Vs. Wade turns south. However, she stated that County Prosecutors can prosecute regardless of her push against it. I suppose which county you’re residing in the state, if you have a pissy Christian prosecutor in your county when/if Roe Vs. Wade goes south, you could be in trouble. Dana Nessel also got an abortion herself. In the sentence before that, I did say the words pissy Christian, I’m a non-religious person, so there’s my bias. It is from my experience with socializing with many people that generally it’s the right-wing strict Christian folks who are heavily against Abortion.

In 2006, I was on probation for possession of Marijuana (back when it was illegal). I had to go to this place called JAMS to piss in a cup once a month. I had moved to a different city in Macomb County, Mich, and went to a different JAMS in the later part of 2006. This one was on the Warren side of 8 Mile and next door to this JAMS was an abortion clinic. These people would approach anyone passing by with a plastic cross, a leaflet, and a talk. The three were two women, one in her 50s at least and the other had to be 70 at least, the male in his 60s. The older female had a stroller with a sign showing an aborted fetus with some small text below quoting a bible verse.

One time, I had to bring a family member with me who also was on probation. I was able to piss in a cup and be cleared, while he was having a hard time pissing. So, I stood outside and had a chat with these folks and told them I thought Abortion was a good thing, and they surely weren’t happy. I asked them, “Do you think it’s seriously fucked up that you have a stroller with a picture of an aborted fetus on it?” Can’t remember what they said exactly, but they were getting a bit upset.

Also, I do recall somebody walking by and completely ignoring them as he passed. The three began to follow but they could not keep up. That was hilarious.

For me, there was a time when I was 31 going on 32 when I thought I might have impregnated a now ex-girlfriend and after we broke up, I was hoping like hell that she wouldn’t call and say, “You got me pregnant!” Thankfully it didn’t happen. Hell, that wasn’t the only time. I’ve had a couple of one-night stands where I didn’t have a condom with me or we just decided not to stop at the drug store to get one. And yes, I feared I would get a phone call and still do. I’m single with no kids that I know of.

When it comes to Roe Vs. Wade going south, sadly, I think it will. And when that happens, I better keep a couple of condoms handy (non-latex ones)! If I get to that point where we agree on getting an abortion, I would definitely have to do the research on which county we could go to where the Prosecutor would not care. If Macomb County will be the place, then so be it. But if’s a county besides Macomb, I guess we would have to do some traveling. But quite a lot of Michigan besides the Southeastern part is very Republican, I can see quite a few folks getting into trouble if Roe Vs. Wade does go south if it’s conducted in one of those counties.

If your county/state is heavily Chrisitan, you might run into some serious trouble down the road. Those right-wing Christians are not big on abortion.


And quite a few of them have done just that.

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