Coronavirus Blog Entries Vol. 1 / 11 – 14 March 2020

Posted: 17 March 2020 by Robbie

Yes, I’m aware of this great historic event we are facing. Been handwriting on my little pad of paper and coming up with this. These are not the best of writings, so bear with me:

11 March 2020

As of writing this, it’s Wednesday 11, March 2020 at around 7 PM. I’m currently at my job and I’m seeing news alert after news alert on my phone about some college classes cancellations and how the NCAA will have spectator-less games. Reminds me of the Baltimore Orioles game versus the White Sox in the Baltimore riots were happening in 2015.

 Michigan in March, the weather can be quite strange. You would have a 60 degree weather day, then the next day, it snows three inches. In the Detroit area, you can see snowstorms in mid-April. On the one day weekends I get well in a March, Michigan, My days are spent in Rochester or Grosse Pointe.

 As of this time of writing this, I find myself reading the news and leaning towards the idea of sitting in my house this weekend. During mid-march, the family attends a mass and honor three people in my family that passed. These three are my late grandfather, my late Uncle Johnny and my late great Aunt Marie. The last two mentions died two weeks of each other and March 2014. It’s Wednesday, and I wonder if my family may cancel this event due to the Coronavirus scares.

In the Detroit area, we have to confirm cases, Oakland County and one in Wayne County, Both persons are middle-aged. Detroit St. Patrick’s Day. Parade has been canceled. I say we exercise some paranoia on this, but I don’t want to get too paranoid. I’m concerned that a loved one would get the virus, that’s my main concern.

When it comes to the United States government, I’m not so trustworthy with them. We, in this country, are divided and it comes as some of us are seriously for Trump or seriously against Trump. Me, I’m 40/60. I strongly disagree with Trump appointing Mike Pence as the Coronavirus czar. My secular self is not entertained by The Man In Charge being a prayer Warrior.

Couple hours later
 While still at work, I listen to the presidential address and heard about the travel restriction to Europe Sans the UK. I didn’t hear China, Can we still go there? Bad joke, Yes. Just before this address, I found myself thinking about the scenario of me getting sick of the coronavirus at work. If I do get sick, I hope it’s not at work, but that would be my best bet. I haven’t read the info yet on what I should do if I make it to coronavirus. I’d imagine I will be going to the hospital.

On the later hours of 10 March 2020, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer made in address about the virus, and in the afternoon hours of 11 March 2020, Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit made his address. When it comes to Trump’s address on possible compensation to businesses and workers like me, I imagine if I got the virus and survive, I’ll be out of work for a day or perhaps a lot more. I wouldn’t count on getting the government payment right away or very soon after. That might take months. Would the government pay my medical bills too? If so, I would think that would take months as well. It’s not an anti-Trump thing I have, I just believe that the government is unreliable.


12 March 2020

 After the last journal entry, the NBA reported that Utah Jazz star player Rudy Gobert got the coronavirus, the NBA cancel that game just before tipoff and also suspended the season for 30 days. Tom Hanks and else via the Twitter machine that he and his wife Rita Wilson got the coronavirus while in Australia, They are expected to be okay.

 I got home to watch CBS News and news is being done from the affiliate in Boston. The reason being is that the New York Office was being clean due to the two employees testing positive for the virus, the same thing this morning.

 I went to lunch with an Uncle and Cousin, expressing our concerns with the coronavirus. He had work events on Saturday that were canceled. When I arrive to work, I kept seeing alert after alert of local and National events being canceled. NHL suspended their season, MLB followed suit, MLS, too. The NCAA canceled altogether, they are not doing the empty arena deal. Well at work, I had a hard sneeze come out of nowhere and quite a few co-workers heard it. They asked me if I was okay (a question I’m getting sick of.), said I was. Chances are good. They are going to stay the hell away from me.

Down Jones went down 2300 points despite the government’s help. My portfolio is down to negative 15%. I make a $220 deposit to my brokerage account and I will still continue to invest despite the problems. Aurora cannabis went down to $0.71. AT&T and Cisco are dropping and I’m going to buy. I also might start buying more of the Moderate Mix to continue with my defensive investing, that or VGIT. VGIT pays monthly at around $0.10 per share. I haven’t decided yet.

 I was telling my uncle that I had some concern over the coronavirus, but I was more concerned about the possible infection of my older friends and family members. I hope my family members and friends over 60 will not get the virus. When it comes to the news, I get alerts from CNBC, Yahoo, Sports and Finance and ClickOnDetroit. I prefer not any of the big three (CNN, MSNBC, and Fox). The first two mentions will be pointing out President Trump’s flaws. Again, I’m 40/60 with Trump, but I don’t want to watch some Channel bitching about him 24/7. I also want to stay the hell away from YouTube comment sections on the US news about this virus. There’s always some assholes blaming a political party for what happens. Especially the news in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. That coronavirus will get to a few or some of the homeless population. It’s just a matter of time. And there will be people saying that Liberals are responsible for that problem. Truth be told, those cities are on the liberal side. But I don’t think getting angry about identity politics is the right answer. Donald Trump, maaaaaan!

With all these pro league suspending games XFL included now, I think it’s more of a lawsuit thing. If they bring ten to twenty thousand people to a game with a few folks infected with the virus, others will get sick and a few would die. The franchise in question would be in deep shit. We are living in a time where people have no problem filing lawsuits. I haven’t heard about the semi-pro FPHL, but they play their games mostly on weekends. I’m guessing they will suspend games too. If all is well on 29th March 2020, I want to see the Port Huron Prowlers at one of their final games of the season. Right now, it seems unlikely.


13th March 2020

 Trying my best not to watch the news, In fact, I think I’ll try it’s much less and watch some baseball movies. I already did Little Big League and I think I’ll go to The Sandlot next. I went to Dollar General attempting to buy some sanitation wipes for work. Sadly, they were all gone. I didn’t see a roll of toilet paper in that mofo and only a few rolls of paper towels were available. It’s very funny to see suburban overweight housewives who think they are really important running through the stores to grab all the TP in the world. If you have a family of 5 and they all get the coronavirus and survive, I don’t think you’ll need 10,000 fucking rolls of toilet paper.

 My friend and I dined at a Chinese restaurant just before heading to Dollar General, taking our chances. My friends said this virus is a golden opportunity for other countries who are upset at us to attack. That sadly could happen, I didn’t think of that. I did have some thoughts about not dining at a Chinese restaurant, but I decided to give it a try. I also found myself thinking about the late George Carlin’s fear of germs bit in his 1999 show. I have taken my own precautions still, so I suppose I’m a pussy for that.

At 11 p.m., Governor Whitmer announced the closing of schools for 3 weeks. There’s going to be a lot of parents out there who are going to lose their jobs due to this. They can’t work due to having to be home with their kids. When she made the announcement, I found myself thinking about if the situation happened in the late 90s. I was at East Detroit High School at the time. My guess is they wouldn’t cancel at that time. They were low on money.

Saw on my phone that Macomb County has its first confirmed case of the Coronavirus. This leads the state total with 17. Now. I read that over 1,800 people so far have the corona at 41 have died. If my mathematics serves me correctly, that’s around 2.5% of people, less than the world average. So far, I suppose we are doing okay, and all those people who are panicking going to the Dollar General and buying 10000 rolls of toilet paper, wow! However, I still have that fear in my head that I’ll wake up one of these mornings and There are suddenly 10,000 more cases of the coronavirus in a single day. At that point, I’d be scared shitless. Also, with that scenario, people are shitting themselves left, right and center. In that case, I shouldn’t have been laughing at all those panicky folks. shit, 1000 a day would get me scared.

On the way to work, I was listening to WWJ, Detroit’s all-news station, and they stated that China’s overall health has improved and most people are returning to work. I found myself thinking that the coronavirus should fade way around mid-April (just a guess), and we can have our normal life back. We’ll see.

I took a vacation day Saturday and have Sunday off. Although non-religious, Saturday, I supposed to be attending Mass for my late grandfather, Uncle Johnny and late. Great Aunt Marie. I’m kind of wondering if that is still going on. It’s going to be a little cold on Sunday, and I’m debating to just stay home (boring). Or do a few things. Perhaps. I should, if the coronavirus is going to kill me (highly unlikely), might as well enjoy life.


14 March 2020

Haven’t been paying attention to the news or how coronavirus is affecting Michigan as of yet, today. Last night, it was 19. At the beginning of the day, I was told by a fellow employee that Sam’s Club had no paper towel, toilet paper, and sanitizer and chicken. I want to go to Costco and Monday, but I think I’ll just drive over there at 9:50ish and see what’s what first. If I see a large number of people hanging around there, I won’t go. I don’t want to be caught up with a bunch of snobby Shelby and Macomb Township folks on a panic trip.

 I saw an article or two about how 70% of people in China who had the coronavirus has recovered and went to work. I suppose WWJ is right on that, I guess it’s our turn to suffer. I try my best not to venture into conspiracy type shit, but I found myself thinking about this being a government-controlled deal. I want to think that the US Government did not cause this situation. I would lean towards the UN for this one. But then again, if the US Government did do this, it wouldn’t surprise me. I should go see what Alex Jones says about this. According to Tom Leykis, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity say this coronavirus is a hoax started by the Democrats. If that’s the truth, it goes to show how some of our media people are doing their best to divide our country. The Divided States of America.

 After this scare blows over, I do believe you will see something worse around the corner. It may be another disease. Or… Who knows. After the 2016 election, I thought we would see a civil war or Trump possibly sending us to nuclear Doom. Boy, I never thought even virus was going to gum up the works.

Sometime later.

Some bad news of sorts, some local news about a couple of hospitals that are having patients and doctors only. This one Hospital, according to a reliable social media poster, is not allowing visitors. Another hospital has a coronavirus positive person in there and they aren’t allowing visitors. I feel sorry for people who are having babies or having heart attacks. Now. It’s going to be some troubling times for folks who are in the medical field, doctors and other staff. President Trump had gone under a coronavirus test and according to his doctor, He doesn’t have it.

 The family event was supposed to happen this afternoon was canceled. I learned about it Friday night and therefore scrap a vacation day to come into work. I will be working tomorrow at 2. Took a look at the news live from click on Detroit that the total number of positive infections are up to 33 in the state.

Been hearing some rumors that there could be layoffs at the end of this week. When is Coronavirus scare was all over the place on Wednesday, my best guess is that the big three automakers would continue to work until a few people show up to their factories with the virus and a company at hand decides to temporarily pull the plug. We had one at a Chrysler plant in Indiana, but that plant didn’t shut down. I think it’ll take a few people showing up to the plant with the virus to cause a shutdown. I work for a supplier, so if the plants we supply to shut down, I’m probably getting a temporary layoff.

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