A Time Of Bliss – News, Weather & Entertainment part… um… 11?

Posted: 21 November 2021 by Robbie

I have officially released the 11th song in the Troubling Times Ahead “album.” I’ll get to why I have the word album in quotes later. In reference to a post on January, I was going to make at least 75 minutes of music. Currently, I’m a 72 minutes. The song A Time Of Bliss is a long 10-minute track communicating the words of suicide prevention. It’s a mad country out there and I hope this song works if it were to get somewhat popular on SoundCloud. However, the last part of the song bashes Toxic Positivity in a harsh way, perhaps this track isn’t so wonderful.

I do plan on making one more song in the vein of Centralia and Times Beach. Something “horror-themed” to finish up the “album.” And why am I saying album again with quotations? I did release each track one-by-one and whatever I got done by 8 Dec 2021 (the planned date), that will be the end of the Troubling Times Ahead era. And we can call the set of tracks with an “album” title name Troubling Times Ahead. Note: I fixed the volume problem in Centralia on SoundCloud. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The “horror-themed” track will likely be out before 8 Dec 2021 and that’ll close the album. The next “album,” I’m looking to make it less gloomy. I ran into some music by Mark & Lukas and god damn, these guys are fucking fantastic! I want to use more keys opposed to dark pads on my Prophet V. Not exactly sure what the next “album” or era would be titled. Still thinking of a few names. A Time Of Bliss was originally made in 2006 as a long 59-minute song. I never released it due to sound troubles. I started fresh and made a shorter 10-minute version instead. In the end, A Time Of Bliss will unlikely be a big hit in the SoundCloud community. We can call it a filler track.

One more item unrelated, I’m a fan of the defunct show called Flashpoint and watched the episode Severed Ties which features the lovely and talented Kelly Rowan (also in 187) as the enemy of sorts. The back story is Kelly Rowan’s character has two of her children taken away when she goes to prison for robbing stores to buy painkillers. Upon being released, she takes both kids away in two different parts of the day and tries to reconnect. One of the children gets sick and she takes them to a Pharmacy. The SRU arrives and talks kidnapper character out of holding the kids hostage. After the kids walk to the cops, she cries out “No!”

A prophetic part in this episode, the SRU arrests a pedophile with the last name of Fogle. Was the show trying to tell us something?

Been thinking about this episode a little too much lately when I watched it Friday, especially the ending of it. I have seen this episode before a couple of times, but it’s ringing in my crazy-ass mind lately. From my understanding, Kelly Rowan is not acting in a “major-level” lately. Her website says she had moved to Vancouver Island and she hasn’t been active on the Twittersphere since 2017 (don’t blame her). I quit Twitter for a few months in 2018, sadly, I went back to it. Been finding myself on Facebook a little too much lately.

RIP Philip Hyre

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