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Posted: 26 October 2021 by Robbie

Grosse Pointe Village, 27 March 2021

Wasn’t exactly sure how to title this article but it kind of hits home for me. Yes, that photo above has nothing to do with this article. But it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. I found this article on the New York Post. If the New York Post won’t allow you to read, I’ll summarize it for you. A Colorado woman named Alyssa Oliver, 39, suffered an apparent mental break and left her home in Denver in the summer of 2021. She left in a 2000 Suzuki that was in need of repairs. The car was found on August 9th in a 2-hour parking space in NYC.

She was spotted by some video by a family member and Oliver is said to be in NYC still. Her family has hired a PI to investigate. The PI did locate her but couldn’t legally take her anywhere, so he gave her $100 and urged Oliver to contact family right away. Oliver reportedly did attempt to contact her husband in September with no avail.

This story does hit home to me. It’s due to me nearly saying fuck it in Spring 2019 and going on a one-way trip to Las Vegas with the money I have saved. Heading to Las Vegas on a trip on a steady diet of cocaine and hookers. Is that the right thing to do? No. It isn’t. And why would I want to do this? Because I was able to briefly advance in my so-called career, later to be told that there was a problem. To sum it up, I was going on my one-way trip to Sin City on a death trip of coke and sluts until I die or burnout because I finally had it with being told, “We have a problem here.”

And this wasn’t the first time in my life I’ve been told this.

But also, in the defense of this situation, I had a choice to keep the said job. However, in fear of the company in question despite for supervisors, I feared they would push me in that position down the road. I painfully said no to the said job. After it was all said and done, I surely thought a lot about leaving for good. The thought was, “why the hell should I do the right thing, only to be told there’s a problem down the road?” Why continue? Fuck it, I’ll take my cash, head out to Sin City and let the chips fall where they might be.

Of course, I did not do it. And this article about this woman made me think to myself about what if I did do this. If I haven’t died from a drug overdose or a STD, or Covid, I’d probably in the same situation as that woman right now. Only my version would be me in Sin City, floating around homeless and perhaps spotted by a family member or a friend. Next, for one of them to hire a PI. Perhaps that PI would find me and urge me to contact my family and friends.

Going to late May 2020, I found myself at a job that anybody could do, which is where I’m at right now. The job isn’t advanced really, and there is a lot of overtime available. I will continue on this job while the iron is still hot. Do I want to advance? Of course! But one thing I will probably not do, is push and push hard to advance. Next to hear that there is a god-damn problem and I’m being put back to the position I was at, or being put further away.

I know people would read this and say I’m a whiny bitch. And you know what, I can agree on that perspective. However, all I can say to those folks is that I have a god-damn learning disability. I have ADHD and OCD. Trust me when I say this, it’s more difficult for me to learn something that it is to the average person. I have ran into people who aren’t so friendly to us folks with ADHD in both my personal and so-called professional life. A lot of people and corporations out there aren’t so friendly to the mentally troubled out there.

But also, I’m in investor and I probably got some cash in these companies that don’t respect mental health. Personally, I think they should but that would be costly. Most investors and corporations don’t want that kind of trouble and other troubles that anyone can think of.

When it comes to these individuals, most times than not, I talk back. One such instance I recalled was in 2014 where a co-worker often talked crap to me about my mental illness. I found out later that this man has a morbidly obese wife at home (heh-heh, no wonder that guy was miserable). Each time he would talk shit about me, I’d make fun of his shitty marriage to an ugly beast. He would later complain to me about bashing his wife. I said, “stop fucking with me and I won’t insult that ugly monster you married.”

Trust me, I could go on forever with my stories on how the Special Ed idiot won the war of words with the opposition. Next for a boss, parent, authority figure, etc. to tell me what I did or say was 100% wrong in the end.

With Alyssa Oliver, hopefully this one ends well for her and she can get back home to Denver. I wonder if something came up that triggered her to run away to NYC.

Apologies for this article not being so well-written. I’m speaking from the heart on this one.

Peace, Love and Fractions.

Robbie T.

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