CNN: “The Before Times”

Posted: 16 October 2021 by Robbie

One thing I would like to say is that I hardly watch CNN for the past six years or so. When Trump got elected until his exit, CNN would spend a majority of their time bitching about Trump. One thing I found hilarious about CNN during the Trump Presidency was the arguments with Kellyanne Conway. Most times than not, Ms. Conway would look awful. I haven’t watched CNN lately and after Chris Cuomo’s brother got into trouble. My guess is that CNN isn’t touching that. I’d imagine Fox News, OAN and NewsMax are attacking both Cuomo brothers big time. And also, I saw that Chris Cuomo himself is now being accused of sexual harassment.

When it comes to CNN referring to life pre-Covid as the Before Times, well, it’s a interesting way to define it. I found myself referring to The Before Times as pre-Covid, but I think for fun, I’ll refer to it as the The Before Times. My CNN hating friends and family probably won’t like it. When I found this trending, I saw quite a few right-wind pundits having their say in the matter. If Fox News referred to it as the Before Times, those pundit wouldn’t be bitching about it. But they need their likes and engagements.

Going to CNN’s point, yes, we are going to see shortages. I went to the grocery store recently, and I couldn’t find any onion bagels. Had to settle for plain. I also couldn’t get any organic chocolate milk. First world problems! There will be more.

Going to the opposite with OAN, I saw that AT&T has been one of the big financers of the said network. The Lincoln Project (lead primarily by George Conway, husband of Kellyanne) did a joke advertisement on it. Like CNN, I haven’t watched OAN so much but they seem more fanatical than CNN. I watched some of the Natalie Harp show a few months into the Biden Presidency and she ended the show with “Good will prevail over evil.” Insisting that Donald Trump is good and the Democrats are evil. I’m interested in watching OAN’s news coverage during the Capitol Insurrection. Kinda like to see what they said during the whole ordeal.

I’ve said it before and I said it again, I think CNN sucks and I also think OAN sucks too. But OAN seems to be more fanatical than CNN. I saw that Comcast doesn’t have OAN in any of their packages, but you can see OAN for free on Pluto TV. What I also noticed is that Pluto TV doesn’t carry Fox News anymore (last time I checked). I can see OAN moving to pay only, such as Compound Media. Next for the right-wing pundits and OAN staffers blaming the Democrats for their possible reduction of broadcasting.

“Dem damn Democrats!”

When it comes to national news, I watch the PBS NewsHour or listen to the podcast version on it most times when I commuting home from work. I also listen to some NPR podcasts, I like Planet Money. NPR and PBS are left-leaning but they don’t seem so fanatical as CNN and OAN. I also ran into a Freakonomics Radio podcast about the US media, it brings up some interesting points. There are also groups out there studying the US media and they pay people to do this. If anyone wants to pay me to watch CNN, OAN, MSNBC or Fox News and track down what they say, I’m available!

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