Going to the Tiger Game

Posted: 15 August 2021 by Robbie

Comerica Park
Comerica Park, 15 Aug 2021

This will be a short post. I haven’t been to a Tigers game so far in 2021, despite my two weeks off in July. I had some intentions to go to the Tigers game where they beat the Rangers 14-0, however, I ran into a crisis prior to me buying my ticket online. This was also a possibility for me to see Miguel Caberea hit his 500th home run.

Needless to say, the Tigers totally done fucked up. The Cleveland Indians (soon to be the Guardians) kicked our asses 11-0. They scored 6 runs in the 2nd inning, then 5 in the 3rd. Each time Miguel stepped up to the plate, most of us in the crowd (myself included) would stand up. I had no intention of recording that moment on my phone. Besides, someone else and even the MLB would have a better video of it if that were to happen.

One of the places I go to when I hit the downtown area is Firebird Tavern. Since Covid-19 came and kinda is here to stay, Firebird is open only Wednesday-Saturday. Bummer. I suppose they are having staff problems or Downtown Detroit isn’t getting the folks in the area on Sunday-Tuesday. I’m going Downtown on 29 Nov 2021 to see Genesis. That’s on a Monday. I hope they open back up to full capacity by then, but I’m not expecting that. In fact, something tells me the Delta Variant will be a problem as we head into late Fall/Winter. Hell, that concert could be cancelled. That’s why I have my doubts.

I did arrive to the city before 11am and I tried to rent one of those MoGo bikes but with two of my cards, it wouldn’t work. I don’t have the Bird app on my phone and I didn’t remember my password. Didn’t feel up to going through the trouble of getting that info back.

Overall, seeing how this game went, I kinda wish now I didn’t go to the game. Especially all by myself. Most of my friends are busy and myself included. I didn’t decide to go to the game until around Friday night. Was trying to get a seat with shade under it at the Terrace area, I done fucked up on that. I was in the hot sun and I got a tan. Spent half of the game standing by a vendor area with quite a few people making the same mistake as me getting those “in the sun” seats.

The score didn’t change from there.

There’s more events coming up for me and I plan on enjoying life out and about. Even if I’m all by myself! Like I said a few paragraphs ago, that Delta Variant might bring some choas to our country and even my home state. So I want to keep on going. I have Astronomicon 4, Michigan Renfest, Stone Temple Pilots at Arts, Beats & Eats, Rochester Arts & Apples and Jim Norton at the Royal Oak Music Theatre coming up. I’ll be very busy!

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