Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile Returns

Posted: 23 January 2021 by Robbie

How about we make this the new album cover, heh?

Some months ago, I made a nice post about my misadventures in making Techno tunes mainly on the Techno EJay series. Well anyway, I have returned to it and made two new songs. They are That Wish and Troubling Times Ahead. Both songs are complete Techno EJay 3 samples with the exception of one sample on Troubling Times Ahead, made by me. One of S.H.I.T.E’s traditions was that all albums had to be 75-minutes plus. In my last album, I quit after five songs. So will the next album with the current working title Highway 29 will have 75+ minutes? I’ll try. Keep this stupid tradition alive (I guess).

As for just using all Techno EJay samples, that’s not the plan. I wanted to start out with something easy as using samples from EJay at first, and the songs thereafter will use less and less. I planning on buying a Synclaiver Synthesizer or perhaps a Prophet V. I’m buying the software version of it instead of the actual one. I do have two keyboards but the better one does not play any sound sadly. The display works but the sounds won’t come out. I used this keyboard (A Yahama TU220) for The Greener Passage album and also Gold Taurus’ only release. That’s a bummer because this keyboard has some good god damn voices on it.

I’m using Techno EJay 3 instead of 2. This is due to some troubles with the company selling the products. I tried to use Techno EJay 2’s Sequencer but it would not work unless you drag and drop the Hyper samples that come with it. After a lengthy exchange with their Technical Support, they have acknowledge their error and gave me Techno EJay 3. So, if you interested in Techno EJay 2, you might want to give them a call or send an e-mail first.

RIP Larry King

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