Troubling Times Ahead

Posted: 7 January 2021 by Robbie

From The Babylon Bee

One of the things I was thinking about doing this month was to address the state of WishesNetwork, my YouTube channel. I made EAS/News scenarios from 2017-19 and came back on a “part-time” basis last year with making two. But when we had riots, wildfires, and other chaos combined, I thought this country has become a WishesNetwork EAS Scenario. One of the ideas I had before I said fuck it last year was a scenario where riots and multiple bombs made by Trump supporters go off in Washington, D.C, due to him not being elected. And have Rod Cambridge cover the events in Washington DC. Most of my scenarios are covered by a fictitious AM station WRQ with community channel Macomb County TV playing the visuals. But I was going to have a different radio and TV station for this. And the sad thing is this could still happen.

On Monday, I was looking to start an investment with a $3,000 minimum, but I had an eerie feeling that some bad things will happen before Biden can sit comfortably in the White House. Around 3 pm on 6 Jan 2021, a co-worker showed me the numerous folks taking over Capitol Hill. I knew something would go wrong, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. I thought there would be some fires and heavy vandalization. I also suspected some Democrats politicians of being at a bad end of a fight. So far, as of 7 Jan 2021 at 10:20 am, no harm done to any politicians. We sadly lost four people due to this riot, and there will be more.

What I don’t like about this riot because it’s a bunch of mislead people getting angry because they are not getting their way. If it was a group of people of all races who weren’t getting their stimulus checks causing some trouble at Capitol Hill, that’s agreeable for me. Both fucking sides, Democrats and Republicans, have been fucking awful lately. There are some Democrats doing bullshit. Take a look at Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco (That’s Pelosi’s district). Nancy Pelosi is a cunt; Mitch McConnell is a cunt. The majority of these politicians are fucking cunts! The god damn United States government is unreliable. However, at the end of this issue here, it’s Trump fanatics causing the trouble on Capitol Hill.

The thing I was wondering upon seeing the live feed for a moment (thanks to my co-worker) is where the hell did these folks come from? Where they Trump supporters from D.C. and within a 50-mile radius? It turns out Trump had called for a rally on the morning of the 6th. Then around 4 pm, I did see his post about encouraging people to storm the capital. I can’t find any pictures of that at this moment. We also had protesters from Detroit.

With Trump having two weeks left, I don’t think it will be peaceful for the rest of the duration. I don’t think the 25th amendment will work. Trump will be a cunt for the two weeks (or more if he pulls some more stunts in his supposed exit out of the White House). I don’t see the Republican Party going down big time. I would like to see the Libertarian Party taking over for the embattled Republican Party and being the competitors to the Democratic Party. But as much as I want that, I don’t think it will go that far. For the most part, besides the states with the Republican stronghold, more Democrats will be elected into more state and local offices. I can see Whitmer getting another four years as our Governor in Michigan.

The GOP politicians who support Trump will be having some troubles down the road. They will likely have troubles after Trump is out. The Trump fans (or Trumptards as Tom Leykis refers to them) will NOT be going away. Even with the upcoming Biden/Harris administration, they will be around. Fox News and OAN will be screaming Biden and the Democrats’ names in anger. And I’m not sitting here bashing Fox News and OAN, CNN, and MSNBC fucking stink. My co-worker showed me the CNN feed yesterday; I didn’t hear the sound. But I know those folks from CNN were awfully dramatic.

There is so much more I love to say about this. But I’m low on time. I got a friend to help out, got to pack a lunch for an upcoming 12-hour workday, and a few more things I got to scratch off on my to-do list. I got to say this riot was mainly due to a president being a cunt not getting his way. And we have quite a few folks out there jumping on that bandwagon. The problem is that most of these folks rioting on Trump’s behalf will not point out any bad things he has done but all the wrongs the Democrats have done. And at the end of it all, BOTH SIDES SUCK!

Don’t get it wrong; I didn’t agree with everything Jo Jorgensen said. I also didn’t like her Vice Presidential pick, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. He’s a good podcaster, and I agree with most things he says, but I don’t he’d be a good Vice President.

For the folks interested in anymore WishesNetwork EAS vids, just watch the United States news. I can’t compete with that. Consider me retired.

Also, this marks the one year anniversary of Neil Peart’s death. God damn…

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