Peloton Bike Commerical

Posted: 11 December 2019 by Robbie

From National Review

Well, for our third post on this amazing blog, I was intending to talk about my time at the Rochester Christmas parade, but I’ll push that for another time. I also didn’t take any photos they’re so I’ll have to borrow a few. I think most people in the United States know by now, a commercial making people angry has made its way on the social medium. I’m not going to describe the commercial, so I know why it’s angering people. The husband buys his skinny wife a Peloton bike and she is enjoying the hell out of it. I suppose some large wives are threatening divorce if the husbands buy this for them at Christmas.

In my preteen to my teenager days, on average, I watch 6 Plus hours of TV on a non-school day, I watched MTV when it was good. The commercials that would annoy the hell out of me back in the day was the 1-800-Collect commercials. Back before when even poor people had cell phones, if you need to call someone on the payphone but didn’t have the change, everybody and their mothers know to use 1-800-Collect. The commercials were all over the place in the 90s, then AT&T had their own with 1-800-Call-ATT, with David Arquette in most of the commercials. Then came 10-10-220, where the late George Carlin did one of those. These commercials annoyed my lazy teenage Couch Potato self to no end. I think I spent a little too much time complaining about those commercials when I was 11 to 14 years old.

Going back to the Peloton commercial, I can’t see anything in it to get angry about it. I probably won’t buy the bike, it’s $2400 according to Tom Leykis, and the subscription service for the motivational videos that go along with it costs $20 per month. The complex that I live in has a gym, so I used the equipment there. I just need to get my 197-pound fat ass over there more often than not. Plus I don’t like that $20 per month for motivational videos. So, for me, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be buying one of these bikes, including the subscription service. There’s no offense to the commercial despite the idea that my fat ass has gained some weight, I don’t feel personally insulted by the commercial.

If this commercial Premiered 20 years ago, there wouldn’t be much of a commotion. I don’t want to elaborate too much of my so-called professional life, but the stress of the holidays is getting at some of my co-workers recently. I got quite a few co-workers getting angry at me pretty fast. One could say, they are bringing on the attitude. Last week, on and off of work, I had quite a few people get upset at me for small things and also, I saw a few frowns on the faces of some folks I made eye contact with. I was joking with a friend that the folks who’ve got pissy or frowned ruthlessly at me (being PC here) are women I don’t find attractive or people who are overweight or obese. And I added that they’re probably not happy with the Peloton commercial. It’s quite sad that there are grown adults getting upset over a commercial. Yes, my Special Ed 11 to 14-year-old self got upset over 1-800-Collect, but I could use an excuse, I was young and in Special Ed. I find it rather interesting that people are getting upset over it. But we live in a hashtag ban ‘fill in the blank’ society, I suppose they can try doing that.

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