Geddy Lee’s Book Tour in Detroit

Posted: 5 December 2023 by Robbie

Geddy Looking at me?

The above photo was taken until a staffer at the Fillmore said I can’t take photos. You all got me into trouble!

It was a nice December day in Detroit. I went to the FIllmore for the single digit number of times but lost count. I have seen King Diamond and Steve Winwood at this venue and enjoy going to the Fillmore. This time around, it’s Geddy Lee on his book tour. On the show info page, it stated that each person attending the show would get a free copy of his book. I thought it was bullshit and it was for select VIPs. But to my surprise, after I walked past the security folks, staffers were handing out copies of his book. That was a plus, especially with the damn inflation going on.

The show was scheduled to start at 8:00, and I knew it would late. At 8:10, there was a movie played. Next, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chill Peppers appeared (the screen said Will Ferrell as a joke). I didn’t know Chad Smith had grew up in suburban Michigan. I know his associate Anthony Kiedis was born in Michigan. He and Kiedis would later leave for Los Angeles with Kiedis starting RHCP, and Smith later joining. He then introduced Geddy and the man himself showed up on stage.

Chad Smith would ask questions and tell of his thoughts about Rush. Geddy would start talking about life before Rush, and his time with Rush during the seventies. This chat was about an hour and ten minutes. Next, there was a break and Geddy did audience questions (printed on paper). They would call out the person asking the question. The last one, the woman was a row above me.

One of the questions asked was what was one the harsher times of Rush’s history. Geddy says in 2014, Neil told Geddy and Alex that he needed to talk to them. They went to a restaurant and Neil said he wanted to retire. However, Alex, although he was just done with surgery, said he would like to do another tour. As Geddy says, Neil went, “Fuck.” A few days later, Neil called Geddy and agreed, but also said that “he said fuck about 600 times.”

Another question I enjoyed is which song they never played that they wish they would play, Geddy joked about Tai Shan. They also talked about Neil’s last days.

I ate at the Golden Fleece Restaurant, a indie joint at Greektown. Enjoyed a nice Chicken Gyro and an Angry Orchard. Golden Fleece automatically adds a 18% (a guess) tip and you can add an additional tip. Not so sure what to think about that. Next, I wandered around the Campus Maritus area and also stopped at Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha. Just about 10 minutes later, had a strong urge to pee. Sadly, I could not use the bathrooms at Campus Maritus building. The bathrooms were locked and there were no staff around to open the doors. Perhaps they had problems with homeless people?

Had to sneak into a busy bar and use their pisser. A staffer gave me a foul look when I left. An Angry Orchard, next a Peppermint Mocha? I have a god damn problem and almost pissed my fucking pants in the midst of all this. Would be fucking embarrassing if I walked into the Fillmore with piss in my pants? It be my damn fault.

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