I went to the Rochester Christmas Parade 2023

Posted: 4 December 2023 by Robbie

It wasn’t a snowy sunny day, it was a rainy day. Had to bring an umbrella. I wish I had worn my winter coat as opposed to the light LL Bean jacket. There were times when I was sitting under a shelter but my legs were in the rain. At one point, it looked like I pissed my pants. It was fun despite the rain and I felt bad for the folks in those marching bands and some folks not dressed properly marching in the parade. There was a van followed by some dancers who were dressed lightly with some lady sitting in the back of the van.

For some strange reason, I cannot embed the parade video on this site, here’s a link.

One thing I must complain about is inflation. Yes, this blog post is taking a big turn but I think it needs to be addressed. Also, it’s my damn blog. Rochester, MI is an expensive city. When you go to this town for a day of dining and sightseeing, bring the case or the credit cards with high limits. However, $17 for a tall glass of hard cider was a bit of a joke. Me and the friend went to Bangkok Cuisine and we decided on one bowl of Pad Prik as opposed to two, we couldn’t finish it. That was about $26 for us, plus the tea we ordered.

However, some six or even years ago, you could go to the parade, and park, have lunch, dinner, and a few drinks, and have a chance to keep it under $60 a person. We went to the Royal Park Hotel and had drinks over at the bar and restaurant there. We were talking to a staffer and I said I spent the night here in early 2016 at about $260. He tells me the prices are $400-$500 on regular days. Not surprised!

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