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Posted: 26 March 2023 by Robbie

Radio GPT is a cutting-edge technology that leverages the power of OpenAI’s GPT language model to generate compelling and engaging audio content in real-time. This innovative solution uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to create a seamless listening experience for audiences worldwide. By harnessing the power of GPT, Radio GPT can generate high-quality audio content that is both informative and entertaining. From news updates and weather forecasts to music playlists and podcast recommendations, Radio GPT offers a new way for people to enjoy personalized audio content.

That first paragraph was done by Chat GPT. I couldn’t think of an intro, so Chat GPT came to the rescue. Let’s see how that works with this blog post.

Radio means something different for someone who is in their 60s, their early 40s (like me), and even their 20s. In my teenage years, you had FM radio to show you the new songs besides MTV. Back in the 90s, MTV would play music videos. I heard recently that MTV quit playing music videos around 2012, but I wouldn’t know. I stopped watching it in 1999 when most popular music wasn’t of my liking. Back in 1993-97 where we had 102.7 Z-Rock in Detroit. It was mainly new rock, alternative and metal. In 1993, you would hear Judas Priest’s Living After Midnight, followed by Stone Temple Pilots Plush. And you would have a DJ introing the song or doing some silly joke. One of them was Screamin’ Scott Randall, who now is on WCSX as of this writing, Detroit’s long-time classic rock station.

In the late 2000s to early 2010s, I was more interested in Opie & Anthony. The two along with Jim Norton brought me many laughs and despite how unorganized that show was, it was a hoot to listen to. I even wrote an article about how the two bashed Joe Piscopo’s show Club Piscopo. Besides, O & A, there was the independent TalkRadioX. I hardly listen to FM radio these days and with radio, it’s just Detroit’s all news station WWJ that I listen to (WRQ is heavily based on that station), or Tigers baseball that is played mainly on Detroit’s all sports talk station 97.1 FM.

If FM music stations were to be taken over by A.I. DJs, I wouldn’t give much of a shit besides seeing the sad part of people losing their jobs. Hell, I do hope they bring back an Oldies station with than A.I. DJ with that unique voice. Also, I would imagine the A.I. would interact with people suggestions. It would be silly if you heard the A.I. DJ say, “Hey everybody, I like doing oral on my dog! Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, here on Oldies 104.3 WOMC!” God, I hate that song. My guess is that quite a lot of FM stations will use A.I. DJ’s within the next five years. This post was made in March 2023, so in March 2028, it will likely be the norm.

I’m also guessing that most FM music stations will have that morning zoo with actual humans running the show. But after those morning zoo DJs leave for the day, the listeners next will be greeted by the Radio GPT A.I. DJ. Also, my best guess is that with major media companies running A.I. DJ’s, they would have some human intervention going on 24/7 to make sure things run smoothly. Say in the previous paragraph, the A.I. DJ at the Oldies station in Detroit interacting with listeners and learning a few things. Sadly, one of those things is potentially offensive. And tells the listeners that it likes to do oral on it’s dog while the opening guitar riff of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl is playing. That’ll cause a big stir. I would be laughing my ass off hearing that myself.

Thus, the technicians of the said station’s company will have to remotely remove that code or data that would have the A.I. DJ from making comments about it blowing it’s dog. Say the company’s technicians are based in Los Angeles. They would have to login to that station’s A.I. DJ server (yes, that’s a not a good name to that) and fix that remotely.

About people losing their jobs, yes, it’s quite sad to see that. I don’t want people to lose their jobs. There are people who have jobs in radio or other creative ways and this Radio GPT will be cutting jobs quite soon. You don’t have to give these DJs benefits, it’s a win-win for these failing media companies. Besides Frank Morano from time to time, I don’t listen to talk radio anymore. From my understanding, a lot of these AM talk stations are going right-wing and showing their support for Trump. I’m not seriously anti-Trump but I ain’t going to listen to some guy bitch about how the radical left is going to get us. And likely, that guy is on there because he wants to keep his job, even if he doesn’t like Trump himself. Again, it’s what I’m hearing, but I’ll take Tom Leykis’ word for it.

I wonder if they are going to get an A.I. talk show for that as well. Wouldn’t surprise me. I can see the anti-Trumpers or people like me just wanting to fuck with that AI talk show host and have it say, “I sucked Marjorie Taylor Greene’s cock.”

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