RIP Christine McVie

Posted: 1 December 2022 by Robbie

Christine McVie at the Buckingham McVie concert 3 July 2017

Fleetwood Mac did not become one of my favorite bands until around the spring of 2014. I never had any hatred for them minus the song Say You Love Me, which I don’t dig. Otherwise, I had no serious issues with them besides how goofy Big Love’s video was. It wasn’t until I was cleaning the house one day I decided to listen to Rumours in its entirety for the second time in my life. I was happy with what I was listening to and I would buy it in MP3 format. I would follow with Mirage and the new favorite Tango In The Night. Isn’t It Midnight, one of the album’s minor hits, became my personal favorite. This track featured Christine on vocals with Lindsey as the backup singer and one of the best guitar solos ever. Kinda wish they made that song longer. I was very happy the band performed it on their 2018 tour (sadly without Lindsey) in Detroit.

Of course, there are better songs by Christine at lead vocals, such as You Make Loving Fun, Little Lies, and Everywhere (In which that beginning of that song scared me as a 5-year-old in 1987). But I always enjoyed Isn’t It Midnight a lot more.

During the Buckingham McVie concert in 2017, Christine did the song Too Far Gone, she didn’t play the keyboards on that album and just took on lead vocals. During the music breaks and the guitar solo, Christine danced a little. For a 73-year-old going on 74, she seemed healthy and happy. I know people younger than her at that time that could not move around that quickly like her. I also enjoyed the Fleetwood Mac stop in 2018, sadly without Lindsey. Thar concert was quite good, I think Stevie and Christine sang very well, including the former’s lead on Don’t Dream It’s Over. With Neil Finn playing guitar and Christine playing the keyboards on that one.

I sadly missed their tour stop in 2014 and the first and last damn opportunity to see the popular lineup. What I was trying to do was get this one chick I had the hots for to come with me, but she wasn’t interested. I didn’t really care to go to this concert solo so I opted not to go. Wish I did now.

This isn’t the best-written article in the world, but I thought I say some words about Ms. McVie.

RIP Christine McVie 13 July 1943 – 30 November 2022

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