Thanksgiving Eve: Motor City Rockers & Been There Done That

Posted: 25 November 2022 by Robbie

Watertown Wolves Vs. Motor City Rockers (An accidental edit)

My Thanksgiving Eve started with seeing the Motor City Rockers. This game wasn’t as dramatic as the two games I previously went to. No fights and just a few scuffles. The Rockers beat the Wolves 5-2 with the Rockers scoring four goals in the first period. Declan Conway got 2 goals and 3 assists in this game. I’m also glad that one of my favorites John Juliano got an assist on the 3rd goal. This game wasn’t as dramatic as the Port Huron games and there were no fights. This time, it was Blake Scott at goal instead of Babin.


Motor City Rockers
Player Meet & Greet after the game

Been There Done That

One of my favorite bar bands I discovered before Covid-19 was a problem. They have previously done a gig at the Hamlin Pub on 25/Van Dyke the previous month. Their first public gig since Covid-19 (that I know of). BTDT does not have a drummer and that is a plus with this bar’s stage. There wasn’t much room for the four people in the band, two keyboards, and two guitars. Another interesting thing to note, this show ended at 12 Midnight. Usually, the day before Turkey Day, the bars go until 2 am or later. I was at a 90s show on that day in 2013, I was out until 3 am. I guess Covid-19 really gummed the works.

There show at Hamlin Pub (on Rochester & Tinkien Road) was very good. They did a good job doing Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. I just wished that gig lasted longer than 12 midnight, but that wasn’t the case. Quite a lot of people were leaving at the 11 o’clock hour.

Got to talk to one of the ex-band members of this band. He has a podcast here, take a look. Also, I discovered that Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile’s website looks poor on the iPhone’s Safari. The media queries don’t seem to work on his phone, I gotta fix that.

Will be updating this blog on the 28th of November, something big is coming up. Stay tuned!

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