9/11 ATC Videos

Posted: 2 August 2022 by Robbie

I recently came across a YouTube channel called 9/11 ATC Transmissions vidoes – YouTube. Looks like the person uploading these vids spelled vidoes wrong, but not all of us are perfect. The vids contain other ATC recordings that were not included in the ATC tapes that were released shortly before the 10th anniversary of 9/11 back in 2011. When that compilation of ATC recordings came out in 2011, I definitely stopped everything to listen to that. I was living in Roseville in some shit apartment, getting out the laptop and listening to that audio while chowing down on some dinner. Later calling a friend about my great find.

One of those items in that compilation that were very interesting to me was the phone calls. I did enjoy the phone calls between the FAA and the NorthEast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) and wish I could find more of those. I would also like to hear more of the FBI phone calls during that event. The person behind the YouTube channel mentioned above has been finding these recordings via The National Archives Catalog. I’ve listened to a few of these myself, but quite a lot of them are filled with heavy background noise. I’m unsure if the person behind the channel is doing some noise reduction. This vid here was interesting to me: ZBW ARTCC Sector 10 Landline Recording from September 11, 2001 – YouTube.

One of the phone calls missing from the compilation was the Betty Ong call. They did have Nydia Rodriguez’s end of the call when she was calling the emergency department of American Airlines though. Also, Amy Sweeney’s call wasn’t included in that as well.

One of my big interests is when a big devastating event happens in this country or even the world, what would those phone calls be like? How would the phone call between a General and the FBI be when the problem gets worse? With WishesNetwork, some of the vids I made contained phone calls. Such as Alex getting a phone call from FBI Agent Golden. Or in the Supernatural Threat series where the Governor of Pennsylvania calls the President to report the demonic takeover of a portion of her state.

I also found ATC recordings of the Payne Stewart Plane Crash. What’s eerie about this recording is the beginning phone call. It was the pilot (I guess) calling to create the flight plan. It also had the recordings of the F-16 pilots following the plane until its crash.

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