Russ Lindberg

Russ Lindberg is a newsman for WRQ. Before the 2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy, he was mainly a field reporter, on chopper 800 giving traffic reports.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tragedy

During the zombie attack, Russ witnessed and reported the details of WRQ, including Claire‘s supposed death. Due to the Air National Guard entering the area, Chopper 800 flew back to the WRQ building. After the arrival, Rod did the broadcasting while Rod handled the tip line. Eventually, zombies overran the building and both Rod and Russ escaped. The two got split up shortly after they left a WRQ building and into the chaos. Russ eventually made it to a home in Ray Township, about 20 miles north of the WRQ building. Later, a few folks in himself went to a gas station located at 32 Mile for food, however they brought attention to some zombies nearby. One of the persons began shooting at the zombies, but hit a gas tank and a massive explosion follows. Russ survives this with minor injuries and also being far from the explosion, but the other three don’t.

Shortly after, Russ gets picked up by an off-duty cop. The two travel on 32 Mile and a cough drops him off at a shelter at Richmond. While there, Russ hears Rod’s broadcast on WRQ. He later calls WHAC to confirm he is alive. After the tragedy, Russ asks to go to the midnight shift. Like Rod, he becomes an alcoholic.

Somewhere after October 2021, Russ returns to field reporting.