Claire Barrington

Born for September 1983, Claire Barrington-Brockman was a field reporter for WRQ. On 30 July 2019, Claire Barrington was near the truck spill at Van Dyke and Metro Parkway when it exploded.

Personal Life

On 31 March 2019, Willie Barnman announced on the WRQ airwaves that she got married to a Keith Brockman. On 30 July 2019 just before the zombie tragedy unfolded, Rod accidently referred to her as Clair Brockman. She has a younger sister named Vanessa.

Time At WRQ

Claire covered the paranormal event at the Shiloh Woods subdivision in October 2018. She witnessed some horrific paranormal events including a home being imploded and graves emerging from the ground. She also covered the tornado that ravaged Eastpointe in June 2019. She also witnessed Drake McNally defecating in a sewer.

On 30 July 2019, Barrington was doing her report at a truck toxic spill at 16 Mile and VanDyke. Later, a few folks around her became sick and eventually turn into zombies. A vigilante with a gun began to shoot at the zombies. Despite her warning, the vigilante shot at the gas tank of the truck, causing it to explode. Claire’s phone went dead during the broadcast. Russ Lindberg saw the big fire and could not see Claire, it was assumed she died in the explosion. However, the next morning, CNN reported Claire to be found in the zombie-like state.