15 Sep 20

Update and Troubling Times Ahead

I added a few extra pages of our “Wikipedia” for WishesNetwork. They are WSOL, Russ Lindberg, Rev. Paul Haney and more.

Yes, I added a video called Troubling Times Ahead. Watch that for a ‘critical’ update.

3 Sep 20

Nuclear Plant Incident

If you clicked here, you are probably watching or have watched the Nuclear Power Plant Incident vid. I pretty sure scientists could pick that video apart. Anyways, the video production started on 14 August 2020 and I finally finished it on 3 Sep 2020, there will probably be a few mistakes I made. Josh Skillington from Supernatural Threat comes on back and also everyone’s favorite, Willie Barnman.

My Labor Day weekend is a bust, the only day I have off is Labor Day itself and that might be scratched as well. I was really hoping for at least two days off but that’s not happening. I’m part of the Dodge Ram team in the auto industry and these trucks are selling like mofos. I do have friends who do have labor day weekend plans such as a bonfire, i would like to go to those if I can get off at 10p on these days. However, the line runs 24 hours a day and if people on 3rd shift call off, I got to stay until 2a. I’m hoping like hell people don’t call off on the weekends so i can at least see some friends.

Trust me, I don’t like working 7 days a week most weeks, but in 2007-08, I was lucky to get 40+ hours a week and I was making $8/hour. I drove a piece of shit 1992 Buick Skylark that overheated very easily during the hot days. I wrote about those great days on my other blog here, while writing my first two books. For now, I’m just saving and investing my money and slowly getting the bug out bag ready incase shit runs amuck. I have been paying some attention to these riots going on in Portland and Kenosha (and other places), while trying my best not to watch Fox News or CNN. I’m a PBS Newshour guy.

Also, with sadness, the ex-girlfriend I mentioned on the previous post had passed away on 22 Aug 2020. RIP Crystal.