CNN (also known as the Cable News Network) is a 24-hour news network started in the early 1980s. From 2016 to the present day, the station mainly spends much time covering negative press of President Donald Trump.

2019 Detroit Zombie Tradgey

In Toxic Spill/Zombies III, CNN covers the news of the Zombie situation including the whereabouts of most of the WRQ staff. They show Rod Cambridge’s tweet on his attempt to return to WRQ. They also tell of Damien Grant’s presence at Trump rallies and show Trump’s tweets about the tragedy.

2020 Alien Attack

CNN tells the news of the Alien Attacks in the Midwest. They also show Trump’s tweet about his visit to Area 51. CNN later falls victim to a Howard Stern prank when a caller pretends to be the Seattle Assistant Police Chief. Macomb County TV later reports that CNN is getting their lawyers involved to file a lawsuit against the prankster, but doesn’t exactly say if they were going after Mr. Stern himself.

Supernatural Threat

CNN is featured in this series. At the end of the series, Rod tells his friends at the Black Phantoms Motorcycle Club that he wasn’t a fan of CNN’s constant negative news coverage of President Trump despite his bashing of the press. He also told them he feared that WRQ would go that direction.

2024 Autonomous Car Nightmare

CNN covers the incident and once again falls victim of a Howard Stern prank.