Burnout Time & Watching the Country Collapse

Posted: 23 July 2020 by Robbie

Quite burned-out these days. Been trying to do some quick studying here and there with Web Development. Been also working little by little with the next WishesNetwork EAS Scenario. Been saying no to overtime at my primary job in the last four days. Thinking today (Thursday), I just might stay over and do 12-hours, same for tomorrow and Saturday as well. My best guess is that they will be needing me for Sunday for four hours to help the midnight shift and I think I might say yes. Get some cash while I watch this country go to hell with this Covid-19 shit! Want to make a few donations and invest in Pfizer, Gold, and some more AT&T while the 52-week pointer is at the left.

Notice the new theme? The old them was my Detroit them and it’s not working very well with the updates with WordPress. I like this Silver Quantum theme (not made by me). Will keep it on there and when I have some time and have the will to do so, I’ll fix (or try to fix Detroit) down the road.

The shit in Portland is quite depressing to see. Federal officers with no badges just taking protesters away in rental cars. So much news to keep up with, so many bad times. I remember on Memorial Day, I posted on Facebook kinda a cryptic message:

This is not normal.

We are going down for a while. #BuckleUp.

Little did I know that just a few hours later, what I said lead up to the civil unrest in this country as we speak. Wowser!

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