The ADHD Battle In Recent Times

Posted: 5 July 2020 by Robbie

First of all, I want to start out with site news, for those who are visiting this site, it is a little buggy. I need to take care of some of the bugs in this site and being away from WordPress Development for a while, it’s going to be a challenge. I’m going to attempt to fix the bugs this week when I have the time and when I’m not so tired. With this Covid-19 issue, I find myself at my primary job 12 hours a day, so that will be a bitch to deal with. But if I want to get some kind of tech job soon, I need to run into these problems.


When this Covid-19 scare began to sweep Italy, I knew it was a matter of time when it would come here to the states. I was out of work at my primary job and when I came back, i was a Process Tech for a week, then later demoted back to operations, or otherwise a grunt. Since I’ve been back, I’ve seen myself at my primary job at 12 hours a week. This week (29 June 2020 – 3 July 2020), I had to fight a little to work 8 hours a day / 4 days this week so I can take some time away from being at a hot factory. I have been agreeable to the 12-hour days due to me just trying to squeeze the sponge out. I have a funny feeling the economy will take another crap very soon, so I’m going on the idea of doing brutal manual labor until the hours run dry or I get burned out (likely the latter).

With ADHD and doing brutal manual labor, I found my strange ass brain going in circles for the most part. I was also promoted to Process Tech, but my ADHD would kick in and I would fail at fixings the machinery and had to call for help from the Maintenance folks. There were a few times that they got a little upset at me for calling for help a little too much, and I don’t blame them. So, for manual labor, I could do the job but the repetitive nature caused my brain to spin. With me being a sub-par Process Tech, along with the few folks I pissed off, I joined them at being mad at me. I would go home and say to myself, “what the fuck did I get myself into?”

Around January, I was feeling a little more confident and saw less of me going on the radio and begging for help (Augh, fuckin’ Robbie again). I successfully fixed more problems and also accomplished some robotic troubles. Then at early March, I saw what was going on in Italy and I knew it was coming here. I got the note that I was being demoted once I came back (actually promoted to Tech again in May, but for one week).

Yes, with ADHD and I guess being a ex-special Ed student, one would like to say I take on too much for myself. However, I have to say, the world or Corporate America goes too fast and I try to keep up. Sadly, it’s a pain in the ass at times, and also for most people.

From Andrea Piacquadio

Since we have passed the first half of 2020, I find myself thinking about the near future. I know we will be wearing masks for a long time! Shit, possibly into late 2021. We still don’t have a vaccine yet. With that being said, I find my ruminating mind just going on a tangent of predicting the next 18 months or so. Like to shut it off, but it’s impossible to stop thinking. I do have some desire to leave the world of manual labor to something like Web Development of Database Development, or perhaps a Shipping Clerk. I did a test on Microsoft Excel for a job, and sadly, I failed. I have a couple of Microsoft Excel certifications, but when it comes to the tests, I suck. This isn’t the first test I failed when applying for a tech job. That something I’m not so good at is with these tests.

Am I complaining about it being unfair? No. Perhaps I need to get some study guides together and read those while I have some easy time while on my primary job and while I’m at home. But it’s a pain in the ass while working 60+ hours a week. It’s going to take a while for me to get a passing grade.

Troubling Times!

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