Jenna Ryan is Out

Posted: 22 February 2022 by Robbie


Yes, there are so much troubling things going on in this country like the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Climate Change, rising home prices (trust me, I don’t like that either) and more things you can think of. However, seeing that Jenna Ryan is out of prison and going bat shit crazy on the Twitter machine has piqued my interest.

For starters, I admit to me being wrong. Last year, I said that Jenna Ryan will not see jail time for her role in the Capitol Riot. Looks like I was wrong, she did see prison time. As Ms. Ryan says, the judge was trying to make an example of her, I agree with that. Jenna Ryan has also said her right-wing rhetoric also added to her being thrown in prison. Do I agree with that? Well, it’s a possibility, a small one at least.

Jenna Ryan has returned to Twitter and continued to post tweets in support of right-wing media and also opposing viewpoints of the Ottawa situation. She also says she is trying to get a show together for next month (March 2022), I’m very interested in that as well. To finish it off, do I support Jenna Ryan? No. Do I find her entertaining? Yes! Yes, and not in a good way. It seems that she “stuck in her own world” and has been treated unfairly. I love how she is digging herself into a hole. Will this prison time and the aftermath affect her career and her way of life? Likely. I’m interested in learning more about her possible torture in prison.

Yes, Jenna Ryan is a goofy cunt. Should I be wasting my time on this while bad things are happening? I shouldn’t. But what the fuck can I do about the Ukraine situation? Home prices going up? (I hate that too).

Peace, Love and Fractions

Robbie T.

PS. A new Super Human Intelligence Towards Exile song has been released, a new song is on its way (pending circumstances). Until then, enjoy Strangers of Havoc.

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