RIP Bob Saget

Posted: 11 January 2022 by Robbie

Half Baked

This is going to be a short one and I’m a little late for the party. Bob Saget sadly passed away on Sunday 9 Jan 2022. Not a good way to start this year, oy! I do remember him from Full House, America’s Funniest Videos, and of course for his cameo appearance on Half-Baked. I never saw his comedy though, for he was far different on it than opposed to his family-style of comedy in the first two mentions on the aforementioned sentence. He was a part of the Opie & Anthony Travelling Virus.

This was something I was trying to look for somewhere last year. There was a sketch on America’s Funniest Video’s where a woman is about to take a shower and before she starts up the shower, she looks in horror to see a cardboard cut-out of Bob Saget with a VHS Video Camera. She takes the shower hose and squirts the piece of cardboard. The cardboard is electronic and with the water, it buzzes and burns the cutout. I can’t seem to find it on YouTube.

I have seen one or two episodes of Fuller House but I really didn’t dig the show. Mr. Saget was in a few episodes. I kinda wish I did see him in stand-up comedy. Too late for me now. It’s also a bummer that he was just at the start of his comedy tour. Bummer.

RIP Bob Saget (1956-2022)

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