Oxford School Shooting

Posted: 30 November 2021 by Robbie

I live about 25 miles southeast of Oxford, give-or-take. It’s quite sad to see a school shooting happen again and this one is a little too close to home. I did watch some of the local news about this, something I rarely do. In Detroit, we have the all-news AM station WWJ, in which the fictional WRQ in my WishesNetwork vids is based on. Besides my phone, I get the local news from WWJ. I’m not a big fan of watching the local news. There are a few local news people I find annoying but that’s a different subject. Sadly, three people, so far, have died due to this tragedy. With eight people injured.

Going out of subject a little, last year, I lost two cousins due to heroin. The two were brothers and had died two months apart. Before 2002, these two brothers were athletic and doing well in school. Sadly, in April 2002, the father died due to a car accident. One of the brothers graduated school that year with the other finishing two years later at an alternative school. Sadly, the two would go to heroin. And that is sadly how they died. The mother of the two had died this year, leaving only one female sibling of that family of five. That is very sad.

The parents who lost their children to this will have to move forward with life with the lost of a love one due to tragic event. Also, the folks who were injured during this incident will have to move forward in life. But the impact of this tragedy will highly likely trouble them. Some people deal with tragedy and can move forward with it, but as they continue to go on in a good successful way, that tragic moment will bother them for the rest of their lives.

You can have the good life with most things going your way and your troubles going away quickly. But something seriously tragic comes alive in your life and it can turn it upside down quickly. And people go different ways to cope with that tragic time and the aftermath. Some people chose to get closer to faith in their religion or people who had faith prior to the tragedy run away from it. My secular self doesn’t have that kind of faith. And sadly, some people go to drugs when dealing with the aftermath of tragedy.

My final thought on this tragedy is how the family and friends who had lost their children or their child was injured due to this. How will they go on? They aren’t likely going to look at life the same way. My thoughts are not the best answer in the world, but I’m not going to say prayers. I don’t mind the average citizen saying thoughts and prayers. I’m quite sick of the politicians saying this, both sides.

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