The Working Man (40+ days in a row)

Posted: 31 October 2021 by Robbie

Warning: This post contains some foul language

No, that lovely lady in the cart isn’t me, I wish I looked like that but I’m an ugly ass man. I’ve had a few one-night stands in my life, next for that woman to wake up the next morning and say, “Ugh, that wouldn’t of happened if I was so wasted.”

And I like older woman and if they are saying it, it must be true.

I have worked everyday from 19 September 2021 to 30 October 2021. And haven’t had a full 24 hours away from my job. Been working quite a lot due to a few reasons. One main reason was due to a poor personal cash flow in August to Early September. A second reason was for preparation of inflation and possible big expenses coming up. Keyword: Possible. If those big expenses don’t show up, good for me! Money to go into the stock market!

Is this a record? 40+ days in a row? I think so, I had worked 37 days in a row in 2007. With this current feat, I have worked an average of 62.5 hours a week in the last four weeks. Wasn’t a big as last year’s where I was averaging 67 a week for four weeks. Don’t have good data points on this to share, just believe me on that one.

Something drove me fucking crazy in the midst of today’s work day. I had told the management that I wasn’t interested in the next day for the night shift startup (I’m not required to be there). To not confuse anybody, my line runs 24/7 – 6 days a week. Night shift starts on Sunday at 10pm. I’m on 2nd shift and the 3rd shift startup is my choice, and I take it most times than not. One of the things I like is when they accept the answer of no and not to ask me again for the rest of the day. This happens about 40% of the time. Today wasn’t that day, I was told that some spots needed to be filled.

With my ADHD/OCD mind, that question being asked, “Are you sure you can’t?” got me mad. I was fucking fuming! With this labor shortage, trust me when I say, I understand why some people may not want to go to work at McDonalds. But with other places like my job, god damn! Stop calling off of work! Stop making it more difficult on me. I’m sure some folks who aren’t able to come on the next day for work have a legitimate problem. But some of this folks are bullshitting. How in the flying fuck are these folks able to pay their bills when they aren’t showing up to work?

I also saw in the financial news wires that our Trade Deficit had jumped up to a whopping $96.3 Billion. I do blame our political system for this to a point. Yes, we are still living in a country where two sides are pointing the finger at each other. Obama and W did increase that Trade Deficit during there times, Trump did worse with his four years. And it’s likely Biden will probably do more to add to it. But like I said, I don’t blame the politicians 100%, I blame the people too.

Do I enjoy my job? Not really. But with people not coming in to the job, especially these days, these folks seem to have the better options. I will continue to work and work hard to get what I want. However, not everyday is a bright happy day for me. I have shitty sleeping days and having to work 12 hours because some cunt is afraid to come to work due to a little rainstorm outside makes it difficult on me. I know these cunts don’t give a shit. Fine! But if or when the bad times get you and you got no money, I ain’t helping. You can kiss my grade-A Special Ed ass.

It’s not the best definition for my situation, but I got to say it to these folks:

Two more things I have to mention. I saw just now on 30 October 2021 that the band Vixen had played in a bar in Downtown Detroit today. That kinda sucks because I want to see that band. I saw earlier this year that Vixen wasn’t coming to Detroit, I guess they added this show later in this year? Hopefully I can catch them next year. Perhaps I should visit Facebook (soon to be Meta) often to get the latest news. The bar in question is a bar I went to before seeing the Tigers on 1 Sept 2019 with my late ex-gf and my one of my best pals Hollywood Allan.

Some good news, Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas will be released as a trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. I strongly doubt they would be sold separately, as I would like Vice City alone, it’s my favorite game in the whole wide world. But I’ll take all three! Here’s a Nintendo Life article about it. I better check my SD card space because all three games will take a lot of space.

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