The Facebook Issue

Posted: 6 October 2021 by Robbie


I’m guilty of having a Facebook profile myself. I used it quite a lot in 2013-14 and posted almost every day. In those two years, I really wanted local fame and wanted to be well known and loved by many around me as I ventured into bars and seeing quite a lot of local bar bands. Around September 2014, I began to give up on it and since then, I don’t post very often on the Facebook. Facebook has helped with advertising some of my creative products in the past, including this blog.

The platform is also useful for events. I do like seeing what’s going down with the few local bands I see and other local sporting events such as Detroit City FC, Oakland County FC and a few others. It’s also good to keep tabs on family. It’s the best way for me to keep in touch with my folks. Besides that, I try my absolute best not to be on it so much. Last month, for some reason, Facebook logged me off on my phone and required me to log back in. I haven’t done that on my phone yet and probably won’t do so.

With the the 60 minutes episode about Facebook, that wasn’t so surprising. I heard a few news blurbs about Facebook’s involvement of the January 6th Capitol Riot. But what interested me more on the troubles of Facebook, is the great Patrick Bet-David’s interview with a former Facebook Moderator:

Shawn Speagle, the person being interviewed by Bet-David, was previously interviewed by the BBC back in 2019.

Some of the things Mr. Speagle was saying about what Facebook would allow and not allow wasn’t so surprising for me. He did say that Facebook was very concerned during the Judge Cavanaugh hearings. And people from both sides (both Democrats and Republicans) were sending threatening messages and posts. Seven or eight years back, I saw a video and it talked about Facebook contracting third-party companies in India and the Philippines to be content moderators. I didn’t know until now that they used Americans.

It also wasn’t surprising that people were doing some sick things on video and trying to get them uploaded. Such as people abusing animals and having the videos uploaded on Facebook. Before Facebook found popularity and even YouTube, you would have to dig in the internet to find any sick videos. These days, you can find on any social media. Facebook and Twitter seem to care more about politics. With Twitter, they lean left.

To go of subject a little bit, I think I now know why some people drive 10 mph slower then the speed limit. They are watching sick vids while driving their cars. That or men in unhappy marriages watching porno. I go to work 12 hours a day most days and I hate these slow-ass drivers, I got shit to do! It’s quite sad that I’m trying to get to work and some shithead in front of me is distracted by watching kiddie porn or animal abuse videos.

One of my best friends posts jokes and funny memes on Facebook and he has been thrown in Facebook jail quite a few times. Nice to see my friend makes a joke and get busted. While some sick cunt keeps his account while making repeated videos of himself having sex with a parrot. Next, the drivers on Hayes Road in Clinton Township, MI at 1PM are driving 10 MPH under the speed limit. Ugh!

I laughed quite hard when Mr. Spegale said that he had seen/hear these people give out their first and last names, address and other personal information in this vids. Or they would fill that info out with their credit card info when advertising these videos. It all just reminds me in the end of what the late George Carlin said about human behavior in his show Life Is Worth Losing. I’ll shut up now and let you watch:

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