Astronomicon 4

Posted: 26 August 2021 by Robbie

Astronomicon 4
Me, some folks and the Ghostbusters

With Covid-19 causing us some serious changes and troubles with our very lives, we had Astronomicon moved to August. Sadly, it wasn’t in Sterling Heights as the previous one was at. This time, I had to travel over an hour to Ann Arbor to get there. This is mainly due to the previous hotel in question was sold and is now being converted into an apartment complex as of writing this article. I’m likely moving out next year and perhaps if they finish it, I’ll get my foot in the door with that place. Well see.

Sadly, Jason Mewes and Cory Taylor of Slipknot could not make it as scheduled. Jason Mewes was working on Clerks III, and Mr. Taylor got Covid-19. Another sad story is the Mick Foley line, it was too long and my ADHD-self didn’t want to get in that line. All it takes is a few fanboys to be talking to Mick for 10 minutes causing us people waiting patiently to get there pic, autograph and what not from Mr. Foley. A similar situation happened when I met Rob Paulsen in 2018 (known for voicing Pinky from Pinky and the Brain), only I was the first in line. The guy in front of me talked to Mr. Paulsen for over 10 minutes. God damn…

I went to see Lucinda Jenney (Thinner) and talked to her about how Thinner is one of my favorite flicks. She talked to me about her recent movies she was in, including a Swedish horror flick. But I forgot the name of that flick she told me about. I later found out via Wikipedia that she married Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses) in 2017. The two were next to each other. I also got a picture of Michael Berryman (The Devil’s Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes) as well. Mr. Berryman has a disorder called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. I suppose it works for the types of characters he plays in films. If I had the same problem, I’d go in that direction too.

After all this, I had attempted the Mick Foley line, but it was much worse that it was previously. Shannon Elizabeth and Chris Owen weren’t present at the time. Seeing that Buffalo Wild Wings was around the corner, I decided to go have lunch. Sadly, while walking there, I made a wrong turn. I thought I saw Buffalo Wild Wings northwest of the Sheridan Hotel (where Astronomicon was at), but no, it was north of the hotel. I walked a little out of my way for that one. I’m a dumbass! Also, I didn’t read the information right when I arrived. I went to the Hyatt first thinking the event is happening there. No, it was happening next door. The fuck is wrong with me?

After Buffalo Wild Wings, I went on back and got my photo with Shannon Elizabeth after a small wait. I told her I liked her from Thirteen Ghosts. I first saw that movie during my ne’er-do-well days in 2001-02. It was after 9/11 and they had security guards at the theatre. I went with family who were interested in Harry Potter, I wasn’t.

Mrs. Elizabeth wasn’t so interested in chatting, in the end, it was pic of me and saying I like Thirteen Ghosts. She quite a lovely lady and perhaps she didn’t want to talk to my ugly ass so much. Next was Chris Owen (Major Payne, American Pie) and told him I like Black Sheep. He told me how the late Chris Farley was doing cartwheels and such. Mr. Owen said it was a pleasure meeting him. Sadly, Chris Farley died the year after Black Sheep was released.

Damn, you can see my man tits on the Chris Owen photo.

I’m not so sure if I’ll be going to the next Astronomicon, well see what happens.

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