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Posted: 1 August 2021 by Robbie

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Not exactly were to categorize this, so I’ll be putting it under ‘Life.’ This is where I talk about three dreams I had that might be interesting to most folks. Two of them this year (2021).

1 – We Built This City Parody (2021)

I dreamed that I was at work at the assembly line. The only difference that this line wasn’t the same as my line I work at in real life. However, it was in the same location. We Built This City is perhaps one of the worst pop songs ever released. Let’s not forget the music video. There is a parody of the song called My Dick’s All Shitty, thanks to Opie and Anthony on that one. In this dream, we had a radio playing and We Built This City comes on.

When the chorus comes on, everybody in the line sings the parody. Not only the men are singing My Dick’s All Shitty, the women are singing it as well. The ending of this dream will always haunt my mind with laughter. During the end of the song, Grace Slick sings, “We built, we built this city,” followed by Mickey Thomas singing, “We built this city.” The woman were singing, “My dick, my dick’s all shitty,” then the men, “My dick’s all shitty!” While this was happening, a guy (looking ages 17-23) was getting down on a plastic white table playing air guitar with his eyes closed. The kid/guy had a parted hairdo and was wearing baggy pants, looking as 90s as 90s can be.

The interesting thing about this dream that only one co-worker (a female) I knew was in it. Nobody else in that dream looked familiar.

2 – Meeting Donald Trump (2021)

I had this dream three days prior to Mr. Trump leaving the presidency. Before I go on, I just have to say that I have the hots for his wife Melania Trump.

Yes, my Democratic Trump-hating friends will not like me for that one. Anyways, I was in a crowded indoor mall (can you find that these days) and I visit a classic video games store. An previous boss I had we there as well and we were talking about old video games. It’s funny with this dream, but I knew that I had a little too much stuff at my house and I didn’t buy anything. I left the store and went to the busy food court. Donald Trump was there along with some secret service agents around. Melania, sitting at a table by herself and dressed professionally, smiled at me and waved me over.

I sit by her and we talk and flirt for a moment. Then Donald Trump shows up to the table and gets mad at me for flirting with her. We go back and forth with our insults with me saying, “You woman want’s a real man,” and “that Capitol Riot was your fault, asshole.” Secret service agents come by and politely push me away and tell me to take a hike. When leaving the food court, a few guys approach me with one asking, “Hey, are you the guy who was arguing with Trump?” I said yes. Then he says, “Hey, there’s this Trump Impersonator at the other side of the mall, you should go check him out.” I said lead the way. I was walking with these guys thru the crowded mall to see this Trump Impersonator, then I woke up.

3 – The Sphinx (12 Jan 2004)

I had this dream where I was inside a video game. It took place in a city inside of a large cave. The game had the elements of Grand Theft Auto (more like 3 and Vice City) where you walk over a weapon and you automatically have it. The two enemies were very tall Sphinx were taller than most buildings in this city. To get an idea of what these sphinx look like, they have these robotic sphinx in the video game Might and Magic VII. I can’t find a image on Google, for those who haven’t played the game, use your imagination.

The Sphinx had a similar face to Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple. Only these Sphinx eyes didn’t light up and their lips didn’t move when they spoke. I approached one of these Sphinx and it asked, “Where’s my money, bitch?” The other one said, “Where’s my game, bitch?” This game I was apart of was rather difficult. I could jump very high from building to building, but the weapons I used barely did anything to the Sphinx.

A bullet from a shotgun didn’t work, it asked, “What are you doing, bitch?” On top of a building, I got a bazooka ready and shot a missile at one of them. The Sphinx stopped, turned his head at me and asked, “Why’d you hit me, bitch?” This dream was interrupted by a friend knocking at the door. He didn’t sleep well and wanted to go to the store, I said I would tag along. While on the way, I told him about the dream I had with two Egyptian robots chasing me around while calling me a bitch.

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