Memorial Day Premonition

Posted: 30 May 2021 by Robbie

Memorial Day
Marine City, MI / Memorial Day 2020

On Memorial Day 2020, we had saw the death of George Floyd. It later sparked riots all over the country. But just before the incident, I had something going on with my mind that day. A premonition…

We suspend our disbelief, and we are not alone.

Rush / Mystic Rhythms (1985)

As most would know, 2020 was a year where most of us hid from Covid-19. It was the day before I was returning to work as an Assembly Line man at the job I’ve been to for 10 years at that time. I have talked about that in previous posts. I cannot remember if I did any food delivery during lunch hours. If I did, it was deader than a doornail. At around 5pm-ish, I took a drive from my home to Marine City, which is a county away from me. I wandered around town for a while, and then stopped at the downtown area’s memorial site (as pictured above).

While looking at the memorial site dedicated not just to military but to officers as well, I had a strong strange feeling. Something in my mind was telling me that riots are coming very soon. I guess one could call this a premonition. I can’t say I had an image of George Floyd being killed just some mere hours before it happened. But something was telling me that I was going to see some riots very, very soon. Something is going to trigger it. But what going to trigger it? What ever feeling that was there, it didn’t say.

I would later think to myself (an hour later) that most of us were on lockdown. Most of us don’t have a lot to do. And when newsworthy something happens during this time and upsets some of us, we are going to have some serious problems. But as I said, that premonition did give me any idea on what would trigger the riots. When the rioters destroyed the 3rd Prescient building of the Minneapolis Police Department, that gave me a scare.

I’m a non-religious man who had attempted to be a Christian a couple of times. I fell away from it due to how things were rolling in the world. I thought events in the late 90s and early 00s (some during the Iraqi War) were bad. What we see now, those times don’t seem so bad. One thing I miss about Christianity is the community. It was easy to make friends within that community and I guess an ADHD teen/adult has it easier within that realm. My first attempt was when I was at East Detroit High School, it only lasted a few months in 1998. What drove me away from it was due to the troubles with fights and confrontations at the school. I couldn’t agree with the turn the other cheek rule.

I had a best friend who found God and my then easily-lead self walked along. But he was going to a nice school in the wealthy Grosse Pointe suburbs while I was being threatened with an ass-kicking most days at a shitty school. I can say now it would have been easier on him then it was on me. And I also tried again in 2003 for a few months. Yes, for those reading this blog, I have admitted to some embarrassing shit. But this one, I don’t feel full confidence to talk about it now. Perhaps later.

I don’t deny a supreme being. If anything, if there is a God, my guess is he is more like the God they show in the Oh God! series staring the late George Burns. Are those movies 100 percent of what I believe God is? No. How was the Earth created and how were humans created? I don’t know. There was a time where I thought God created us and forgot about us. Or does God just watch us screw up and he/she/it is thinking about destroying us soon? I don’t think he needs to start it, we are already destroying ourselves.

So, where do these premonitions come from? I don’t know. I believe in psychic powers. If you were around in the 1990s, you have heard about the Psychic Friends Network (PFN). It was also referenced as a joke in Die Hard 3 (1995). Anyways, the Psychic Friends Network offered 15 minutes for free with a psychic. Very soon after, the business model failed big time and the upper-management of that ‘network’ lost a lot of money. The PFN ran infomercials during the late-night hours with 60’s/70s pop singer Dionne Warwick as the presenter.

Here’s a commercial. God damn, the 90s nostalgia!

There was one in 95/96 that I wanted to put up here. But I couldn’t find it.

In the end of it all, yes, that premonition that showed up in my mind does make me think. It’s scary but fascinating at the same time. My grandfather shortly before he died, told me his two cents about his thoughts on psychic powers. He said, “The demons tell you those things.” My grandfather was dedicated to the Catholic religion. He often went to the same church that was used in the movie Gran Torino. Movie locations here.

As of right now, I think I’ll tell my story on the Premonition thread on Reddit and see where it goes. I don’t think of myself as a serious psychic. I do think some people out there have psychic powers, some out there that advertise themselves as psychics are mostly believable, some are mostly full of shit. Earlier this month, I did seek a psychic. All I can lean to is the song Mystic Rhythms by Rush. I can describe it as a non-believers rare thoughts on creation and ‘where the powers come from.’ One of the lines of the song says, “We feel the powers and we wonder what they are.” That’s all I can lean on for a single sentence to describe this premonition.

Or perhaps me being at that memorial gave me the premonition and the folks who had gave their lives from that area were trying to tell me this? That’s possible…

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