The One Year Anniversary

Posted: 24 November 2020 by Robbie

Yello and today is the first anniversary of this blog. I intended to have a blog to keep my time away from social media down. I know 2020 would bring some pissy folks screaming and moaning about politics. Also, I wanted to have a presence with my own deal as opposed to Facebook or Twitter. I also wanted to show folks some pictures and tell them about the events and concerts I was going to.

Sadly, Covid-19 came to town, and now this blog has more been about my personal life and some memories about my creativity. I did have plans for 2020, going to see Jim Norton for the 4th time, also seeing Kraftwerk this summer. A couple of Detroit Tigers games and a couple of games Jimmy John’s Arena in Utica see the Eastside Diamond Hoppers. Going to the Ren Fest and also Arts, Beats, and Eats. Covid-19 totally gummed up the works.

Don’t get it wrong; Covid-19 is real. We need to be careful. However, for me, I get cabin fever like a motherfucker. Yesterday, I took the day off of work to deal with a dental issue. Getting back home, I was playing Diablo III, Super Mega Baseball III, and Mutant League Football on my Switch. I’m beginning to get sick of video games. I think I’ll give being creative a try, but also, I want to spend less time watching TV or playing video games. The problem is, here in Michigan, we are somewhat back to the lockdown we had in March/April. We cannot do indoor dining, but we can dine outdoors. I see their point with this deal; being indoors causes more risk for getting Covid-19, but now announcing we can dine outdoors while it begins to get cold in Michigan? It’s goofy.

Anyways, happy first anniversary to this blog here. I have an investing article coming up for the 4 or 5 people who look at this blog. Stay tuned!

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