Finally The Election Is Over

Make Politics Boring Again.

Yes, I know I’m a nobody and one thing that is rare for some is that for this election, I voted Dr. Jo Jorgensen from the Libertarian Party. At around the summer of 2019, I was thinking it was going to be Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump in the end, but Bernie came in 2nd. During that time until she went bye-bye, I was rooting for Tulsi Gabbard. I liked Gabbard due to her addressing the issue of the doomsday clock and getting us away from Midnight. Despite it being Bernie and Joe in the end, she continued on. Perhaps she was getting more donations during that time until she called it a day.

I didn’t look into the Libertarian Party until around June of this year and discovered Dr. Jo Jorgensen and found her views were much akin to mine. I made donations to her campaign and I voted for her on 28 September 2020. I was one of the 60,287 people who voted for JoJo in Michigan. Needless to say, she didn’t win. With the Joe Biden victory, I suppose it would be best that he is the next president instead of giving Donald Trump four more years. We do have a pandemic, climate change, riots and many more troubles.

When it comes to the MAGA movement, I don’t mind talking to somebody who says they like Trump for it’s much easier for that person to put food on their plate and also easier on them to conduct business, but also openly talk about a few of his flaws. Quite a few people I know who are small business owners (pre-Covid) say that it’s more helpful with Trump as president. It’s the psycho MAGA folks I can’t deal with. I’ve seen documentaries of big time Trump supports saying such as, “God sent Trump to us.” And also, “He’s going to drain the swamp.” While Trump entered the White House until Covid-19 came to town, Trump raised the national debt an additional 2.7 trillion in both 2018 and 2019. He was a big spender on both of those years.

With Joe Biden as our next president, all I can lean on is what Tom Leykis said about him being president, “Am I excited about Joe Biden being President? No. But at least I wouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on in the White House.” Forgive me for not having the right quote.

I’m quite glad the election is over. But the MAGA folks aren’t going away for a while and Trump is highly unlikely to leave peacefully. And also this:

On the personal note…

Besides Politics, I really got to fix my sick little self. I ran into two social situations yesterday and today. While at a friend’s house, I was in a social circle with three woman, one I know and two I’ve have properly met. All I had to offer was work stories and my opinion on the Joe Biden victory. They had a great drinking story from the previous day with one of the woman hungover big time. The other woman (who happens to be in Digital Design by profession) I know, I did show her this website and the design that went along with it. I told her my Freelancer and Upwork stories and she told me that’s totally scammerville. I’ll have to check Reddit to possibly second that. But I lean towards her words. Besides that, I was the odd one out. I should’ve drank some vodka that was available there. But, if anything, it was 1pm there and my friend was leaving at 3pm to work. I didn’t want to get too drunk and have to leave while drunk.

Today, while walking around in Dodge Brothers Park and I noticed a local musician playing there. I walked up, put a 10 dollar tip in her jar. I watched her for two minutes and then I just walked away. She had CDs for sale, and I probably should’ve asked about a CD price. I thought about that when I got to the parking lot of the park. That thought, “I just stayed there for two minutes and walked away.” Before getting to the second part of this blog, I reached out to her via Facebook Messenger, and we are looking to talk to each other pretty soon via video. I like to tell her what I did was fucking stupid.

Blame it on the ADHD? Perhaps.

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