Motor City Rockers NYE Slugfest

Posted: 31 December 2023 by Robbie

Babin and Chartand fight

Game three of my three nights of hockey!

Fights, fights, fights! The NYE Rockers vs. Prowlers game did not disappoint. Lots of game misconducts and pissed-off refs. The Rockers finished the first period 3-1. With the third goal having been disrupted by a Prowlers player. In the second period, the 6th goal by the Rockers was followed by a fight between Lambdin & Fetterly. Declan Conway got four goals, and a personal favorite Juliano got a goal. Milan got a goal and an assist. For the Prowlers, Fetterly got his Gordie Howe hat trick with two goals, an assist, and a fight.

In the second period, a Prowlers player got sent to the box and he threw a water bottle into the crowd. Babin got into a confrintation with a Prowlers player at the end of the 2nd. On to the 3rd period! Another Prowler player got sent to the box and threw his towel onto the ice quite a few times. That player and the off-ice offical were arguing a bit, felt bad for that off-ice offical. Soon after, a guy in the crowd was yelling at to Prowler players in the penalty box. Security came by to take the guy out, with the two Prowler players waving goodbye to him.

Lambdin and Johnson got into a fight in the middle of the third period with Lambin getting the boot. At the final three seconds, Babin got into a fight with Charland. Made the ending of the game interesting. The final score was 8-4 in favor of the Rockers. A little bit of everything in this game! If they have it again next NYE, I’m going!!

One of the minuses is not seeing Elias Thompson get into a fight. That would’ve been very exciting. However, Babin and Lambdin took care of that part of the entertainment value. Also, I later heard that there was an arguement between Rockers and Prowlers fans at the 3.5 mark of the game. Didn’t see that for myself. Although I didn’t like the main ref in this game, Paul Jene, part of me felt bad for him dealing with this drama fest.

According to Yoast SEO, this blog post is poorly written with too much of a passive voice. With that being said, I suck at sports journalism. Perhaps next time, I’ll have ChatGPT write the next NYE Rockers game article. Here’s the boxscore.

Happy New Year, bitches! Here’s a few photos of the game. I need a to get a better phone with a better camera, my camera kinda sucks.

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