The Songs I Discovered in 2023

Posted: 28 December 2023 by Robbie

I did a three-parter with the songs I discovered in 2022 with a paragraph or two written for each song. This time around, I won’t be doing that. It took too long and me describing a song to people who perhaps haven’t heard the song was a painful experience.

I have joked (outside of this blog) recently that I suck at describing people’s features and also songs as well. If I was a witness to a murder and I saw the murderer run away, the detectives would hate my guts while I try to describe the murderer. If you are being murdered and you later want justice, you better hope it’s not me as the lone witness. Bad joke…

In no particular order, here it is. Also, there are two songs from 1983, a deep track from 1986, 1979 and one from 1961, thanks to Better Call Saul for the latter. Most of these songs were heard in Sirius XM’s Chillout station while a few were found in Nora En Pure’s weekly Purified episodes. But I must say, in the second half of this year, Nora En Pure has been mostly putting in a lot of songs that don’t do anything for me, or are just plain awful (my opinion). But, at the end of it all, it’s her damn show, not mine.

I’ll shut the hell up now, here you go:

Modera & Phoebe Tsen – Lotus Flower (Techno)
Alex Breitling – Storm (Extended Mix) (Techno)
Nora En Pure – Gratitude (House)
Nora En Pure – Life On Hold (Extended Mix) (House)
Rebel Of Sleep – Marchand de Sable (House)
Sunlight Project – Antigua (Trance)
Morgin Madison – From The Start (Chill Mix)
Elle Jae – Afterglow (Extended Mix) (Progressive House)
Lindja f/ Lewyn – Everything Changes But Us (Chill)
Meg Bowles – Grove Of Light (New Age)
Steve Roach – Altus (Dark New Age)
Sasac – Bootman (Funk)
Threshold – Disappear (Progressive Metal)
Into The Ether – Skylines (Extended Mix) (Melodic House & Techno)
Axxound – Waterfalls (Progressive House) Kyoto – Angara (Melodic House & Techno)
Motives – Gone (Progressive House)
Corren Cavini – Melancholy Party (Dance / Ukrainian Electro)
Arco & Into The Ether & Lumynesynth – Pull Me Closer (Extended Mix) (Progressive House)
Mark & Lukas – The Echo of the Mountains (Lumid Remix) (Progressive House)
Estiva & RBBTS – Enemies (Extended Mix) (Techno)
Naz f. Deanna Leigh – Underwater (Extended Mix) (Electronic)
Dezza f. Emme – Getaway (Extended Mix) (Progressive House)
Dezza f. Emme – Getaway (djimboh Remix Mix) (Progressive House)
Mallrat f/Chainsmokers – Wish On An Eyelash Pt. 2 (Pop)
Gregory EsayanMediterranea (Trance)
Skua – Light The Way (Melodic House)
Kina f. Sn0W – Get You To The Moon (Lo-Fi / Soft Rock)
SixthSense – Since You’re Here (Mark & Lukas Remix) (Progressive House)
SixthSense – Since You’re Here (Andrew Frenir Remix) (Progressive House)
Demeter – Uhu* (Dance)
OCULA f. Julia Church – On The Run* (Dance)
The Fixx – Saved By Zero (80s Rock)
Quarterflash – Take Me To Heart (80s Rock) (Note: Don’t care for the music video)
Rick Springfield – Stranger In The House (80s Synth Rock)
The Dreamliners – Best Things In Life (Thanks to Better Call Saul) (60s Pop)
Herp Albert – Rise (70s Pop, Jazz)
Geddy Lee – Gone (Prog Rock)

*= Heard this song in the last week of 2022, but forgot to add it to the list.

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