Playing Poker At The End Of The World

Posted: 27 October 2023 by Robbie

This is going to be a few or more paragraphs long and it’s going to be from the top of my head. With creativity, I’m still working on my upcoming soon-to-be sixth book. That has been my primary focus. I’ve also been busy promoting my third and fourth books on Twitter or X quite a lot, sadly not getting the views that I want. But also, we have some things going on in the world, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so bitchy about it. In my previous blog post, I did say something about the UAW strike and where I was with that. Sadly, on Monday, I was laid off indefinitely. Currently, I’m on unenjoyment (or unemployment) and doing some side work. However, there was some side work I had set up that got canceled.

The UAW is making some strides with the big three, starting with Ford as of the time of this blog post. I kind of need Stellantis to get a deal going so I can go back to work. I’m surprised the UAW settled for 25%, I thought 30% was going to be the deal there. But then again, what the hell would I know? While unemployed, I played around with some PHP and SQL. However, I tried to make a sign-up form via PHP and HTML, and sadly, I couldn’t get that to work. Besides that, I was able to get some baseball rosters stored on PHPMyAdmin. So, that wasn’t a total loss.

Going on to the world, we have some strange things going on in this world and the country too. We still have the war in Ukraine, the war between Israel and Hamas, and a mass shooting in Maine. Let’s not forget how our federal government has been acting lately for those in the United States. We are having some serious troubles! With the shooting in Maine, I’m not a gun control advocate, but we do have some people with serious mental health issues with lots of assault rifles lying around. My best guess is Robert Card committed suicide in the woods somewhere and they have yet to find him.

Eventually, we will have some kind of technology to detect our thoughts and when that happens, that is when we can drop the numbers. It seems to me that the GOP is losing ground, but I don’t think that will stop or drop the number of mass shootings. It’s when that technology shows up that our thoughts can be detected. It sounds very silly and stupid. But I’m sure I’ll see that kind of technology before I die.

I actually hate Poker. Why do people watch that on TV?

Robbie T.

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