A Detroit City FC Night

Posted: 4 September 2023 by Robbie

Finally an event! Yes, haven’t been to one of these since I went to see the Tigers late July.

The Northern Guard never fails to entertain me and everybody else at this game. Also, getting to a DCFC game was a requirement for me this year because I couldn’t get the chance to see them last year. A family member introduced me to Detroit City FC in 2018 and we went to a game. Since then, I’ve been a little hooked. I also went to a game in 2021. This game was fun to watch and went to some very strange turns. There was quite a few yellow cards and the refs were quite strict in this game.

Detroit City FC scored a goal at the 23-minute mark with defenseman Devon Amoo-Mensah taking that tally. In the 2nd half, it seemed like DCFC would dominate and nothing could get past goalie Nate Steinwascher. It wasn’t until the 71st minute when Memphis subbed a guy and just seconds later, he got a goal. The game ended in a 1-1 tie. It was a fun day despite the result and I also visited a bar near the stadium called New Dodge Lounge. There was somebody there wearing a Penn State t-shirt. She had went to Penn State a little after the Sandusky Case and it reminded me of this:

There are a few more matches this year for DCFC and I want to see another game, but that is pending on my job. Well see…

Here are a few more photos:

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