RIP Jim Price

Posted: 9 August 2023 by Robbie

From News International

Sadly, we say goodbye to Jim Price. When it came to the Tigers, I would listen to the Tigers while on the job and rarely saw the games itself. The only times I would see the games on TV was when I briefly had cable TV from 2014-15, or otherwise a night at the bar. Due to these RSN’s not allowing me to watch the game live on MLB.TV, I had to listen to the Tigers on radio. I never had a serious issue with listening to the Tigers on radio with Dan Dickerson and the late Jim Price on the mics. I just didn’t enjoy most of the commercials, especially that one Coke at McDonalds ad, yuk! I took a liking to Jimmy’s BuggyWhips, YellowHammers and often saying Nice Area when Detroit or a suburb is mentioned. And also, “Wow.”

Ever since Covid-19, Jim was on here and there. He would do home games and also any away games where Dan and Jim would be at Comerica Park watching the game. They did that once when the Tigers were on the road at Houston, but Dan and Jim did the game at Comerica. When it came to away games, it would be Dan with another guy. For the 2022 and 2023 seasons, I would hear less of Jim, even with the home games. The last time I heard Jim was during the 21 June 2023 game on my way to work. But sadly, I couldn’t listen to the game while at work due to an important audit. What sucked is that Jim did not do the lineups that day. I really wanted to hear him say, “Batting thiiiiiiiiiiird and playing DH, the Big Man, Miguel Cabrera.”

I’m definitely going to miss Jim Price live. Him doing the lineups and all the silly things he would say. Each year, I would record one or two games on MP3 audio for my own personal use. Plus, they’re are games on audio available on YouTube that I can enjoy. One thing I’m guessing is that Jim really wanted to be there as much as he could this season and last, but we heard from him less and less when he was at the mic. He and Dan were a good alternative when the Tigers shit-canned Mario Impemba and Rod Allen when they got into that fight. Since then, the Tigers TV guys they have to offer (sans Craig Monroe) are awful.

Jim Price had a son whose has Autism. He was also a mental health advocate and created Jack’s Place for Autism. I’ve donated to them a couple of times and will be making a donation after this post hits the strange place called the World Wide Web.

RIP Jim Price 13 Oct 1941 – 7 Aug 2023

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